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Celebrating Macintosh 30th anniversary (18 videos compilation)

On January 24 1984, Apple introduced the revolutionary Macintosh. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of this event, this playlists regroups every videos related to Steve Jobs’ groundbreaking announcement and the iconic “1984″ commercial that created the myth. Read More


Steve Jobs featured in internal video about the Macintosh Team (1984)

This video was showed at the original Macintosh introduction during Apple’s Shareholder Event.

Date: January 24, 1984
Steve was 28 years old.


This Day in History: Steve Jobs returns on stage after a year of hiatus (Sept. 9, 2009)

An emotional Steve Jobs is back on stage after a year of (public) absence to introduce new iPods & iTunes 9. Ironically, the event happened exactly a year after Steve Jobs jockey dismissed the rumours of his death by quoting Mark Twain at an Apple Special Music Event. Read More


This Day in History: Steve Jobs confirms he’s still alive (Sept. 9, 2008)

In an iPod focused event, Steve Jobs revamped the full iPod line up and introduced a new version of iTunes. The most memorable part of the day was however Steve tackling with humour the announcement of his recent death by quoting the great American writer Mark Twain ‘Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated’. Read More


This Day in History: Steve Jobs introduces the ROKR & the iPod nano (Sept. 7, 2005)

This is a very disappointing event. At the time, Apple was rumoured to (finally) unveil a phone. But instead it announced a partnership with Motorola and Cingular in the form of the ROKR phone which could hold just 100 songs from iTunes. It’s funny to see Steve trying his best to make this underwhelming product appealing. Apple was of course secretly working on the iPhone which would be announced only 16 months later.

Thankfully, Steve has a little something in his front pocket, the highly acclaimed iPod nano. Read More


This Day in History: Steve Jobs introduces the first iPod touch (Sept. 5 2007)

In an iPod-focus event, Steve Jobs refreshed the full iPod line-up and introduced the first iPod touch. A few year later, iPod touch would becomes Apple’s best selling iPod.

One more thing. Steve also introduced the iTunes WiFi Music Store and a partnership with Starbucks. Read More


This Day in History: Steve Jobs introduces Ping & Apple TV 2 (Sept 1, 2010)

Steve Jobs unveiled the puck shaped Apple TV 2 and the short lived Ping music service. Read More