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This Day in History: Steve Jobs introduces the iPod Hi-Fi (Feb. 28, 2006)

Welcome to “This Day in History” series. A collection of article which looks at past events that happened on this day.

For the series opening, we’ll look at the 8th anniversary of the iPod Hi-Fi unveiling… the what you say? Indeed, not many people know about this short-lived product and some Apple fans might have forgotten all about it. iPod Hi-Fi is one of the failed products that even Steve Jobs Reality Distortion Field wasn’t strong enough to convince you to spend big bucks to own one. After it’s introduction it was never heard of again and faded away in silence. Read More


Steve Jobs and Phil Schiller funny moments

Steve Jobs and Phil Schiller were undoubtedly the #1 comedy duo in tech. When Phil came on stage you knew they’d be a demo with a few funny jiffs. I’m not sure if Phil Schiller is a joker in real life, but his acting looked pretty natural.

Steve Jobs however didn’t seem to have that same natural talent. By himself Steve could be very funny, but I found him lacking the confidence he shows when he’s alone on stage. Read More


Steve Jobs funniest moments

Steve Jobs raised the bar when it came to keynote presentations. They were simply astonishing. A Steve Jobs presentation doesn’t just deliver information, it educates, motivates and entertains.

We mostly remember “Stevenotes” for iconic product introductions and One MoreThings moments, but they were also filled with humour.

When is the last time you had fun watching a keynote? Steve knew how to press the right buttons to make a crowd laugh and you can watch a compilation of his funniest moments below. Read More


Steve Jobs “BOOM” complete compilation (1992-2010)

What would a Steve Jobs keynote be without a BOOM or two? While watching Apple keynotes, I was surprised at how many BOOM Steve could throw in the air and I decided to count them out. I had no idea what I was getting myself into…. During his extraordinary “keynote” career, Steve Jobs echoed at grand total of  314 resounding BOOMs. And lucky you, you get to watch them all! Read More


Steve Jobs “One More Thing…” complete compilation (1999-2011)

Steve Jobs keynotes were often punctuated by memorables “One More Thing…” moments in a manner similar to Peter Falk’s Columbo character.

Steve typically feigned some concluding remarks, turned as if to make a false exit from the stage, then turned back to say “but there’s one more thing“. Steve must have loved it so much since he used it 31 times during his tenure at Apple! Read More


We’re on YouTube

To complement this blog an Every Steve Jobs Video YouTube channel has been created… actually it preceded this blog by a few weeks :) It’s a convenient way to quickly browse through the full (and growing) archive of ±150 clips.

The things I like the most about the channel are the Playlists, especially the ones going through Steve’s ‘careers’ in chronological order – which I will highlight a bit further. It’s fascinating to watch Steve evolve as a person and as a leader. If like me you were following Apple in the 90′s, looking back at the old keynotes in sequence and seeing how foretelling Steve was is astonishing. Read More


Insanely Great First Post

Hello everyone. This is the first post of what hopefully will be many. I’m a long time Steve Jobs fan dating way back to the mid-90′s before I even knew who Steve was. That’s when Pixar blew my mind with Toy Story and I (finally) started to enjoy computers thanks to the ease of use of the Mac – kudos to Martin and Patrick, my roommates of the time, who convinced me to go Mac.

Steve’s impact has been tremendous to millions of people and as a token of my appreciation, I decided to create this blog to allow everyone wanting to know more about Steve Jobs to have access to every videos of him, in a simple and easy way. Read More