All Things D8 – Heartfelt talk by Steve Jobs (2010)

In this incredibly sincere discussion, Steve Jobs tells about his values and thoughts on Apple and life. It’s a must watch.

00:48. Apple now more valued than Microsoft
02:56. War with Adobe Flash
13:45. Emailing back customers
14:52. Stolen iPhone debacle with Gizmodo
19:09. Working conditions & suicide at Foxcon
22:06. Platform war with Google Android
32:00. AT&T
35:56. Birth of iPad
39:13. Journalism
43:25. Future of tablets
51:05. App Store curation & app rejection
59:50. Role at Apple
1:06:00. iAds & Apps
1:09:30. Privacy
1:12:45. Q&A (Media industry, Hint of iCloud, Drop calls, TV)

Date: June 10, 2010
Location: Carlsblad, California
Steve was 55 years old.