An Insight Into Futures Trading

An Insight Into Futures Trading

If you are wondering what futures trading is all about and how it functions in the market, then this is definitely your one-stop point for appropriate information.

Understanding Futures Trading

In simple terms, a futures contract is basically an agreement that is done between two main parties, out of which one is the buyer and the other is a vendor. In this type of contract, the buyers agree to purchase the required amount of commodities, shares, and other services from the seller at a specific date and time set in future. The price for buying is also pre-decided and there are no changes done in it later. These contracts can be conveniently traded on exchanges as they have specific expiry dates as well as size. Here, it is not important that the buyer and seller know each other personally or even my face. In addition to this, it also has the feature of being approved and considered legitimate by the stock exchange. This means that the entire procedure is authentic and credible.

Most common futures contracts

Before you start indulging in this type of contract, it is essential for you to know that it is available in two main types. They are:

  • Stock Futures
  • Index Futures

Let us go through their individual characteristics one by one.

  • Stock futures: These types of contracts are basically derivative agreements where the buyer and seller have the right to purchase or sell particular stocks at a pre-decided amount before a date that is fixed before only. After you have purchased this contract, it is important for you to stay committed towards the terms and conditions attached to it. These types of contracts are available for use for a limited time span of 1 to 3 months. A new contract is created upon the expiry of the already existing agreement.


  • Index futures: The index is mainly used to find out the variations in the value of a specific set of stocks at a given time. For this, stocks of similar firms are chosen from one single market or industry. In fact, few indices also signify particular sections or the entire market. This helps the experts to keep a thorough track of the price fluctuations taking place. The time for the contract in this type of futures contracts is similar to that in the stocks type.

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