App Store introduction – iPhone Software Roadmap Event (2008)

Following public demand, Steve Jobs caved in and announced the possibility to develop real App for the iPhone and introduced the App Store.

App Store Keynote Summary

00:00. Update on iPhone – Steve Jobs
02:00. MS Exchange on iPhone demo – Phil Schiller
17:30. Web Apps on iPhone – Scott Forstall
19:45. Real Apps on iPhone announcement – Scott Forstall
44:20. Apps developers (EA – Spore,, AOL – Aim, Epocrates, SEGA – Super Monkey Ball)
1:02:45. App Store introduction – Steve Jobs
1:11:31. ONE MORE THING… $100 million iFund – Steve Jobs / John Doerr

Date: March 6, 2008
Location: Apple Town Hall, Cupertino
Steve was 53 years old.

The App Store

iPhone App Store
The App Store icon. The doorway to hundreds of thousands of Apps.

It seems like a no-brainer today but when Apple launched the iPhone there were no third parties app. And Apple didn’t intend to allow developers to create native apps for the iPhone neither – probably for security reasons. Instead, Apple praised the virtues of the web and invited developers to create web apps for the iPhone.

That wasn’t very welcomed by the developer community and iPhone users since web apps could never be as powerful and rich as native apps could.

Less than a year after releasing the iPhone, things would change dramatically during the Special iPhone Roadmap Event. Steve Jobs and his team of execs announced the possibilities for developers to create native iPhone apps and the App Store.

Apps downloaded on Apple App Store
25 Billion as in 25,000,000,000

Little would they know that this move would reshape Apple. It generated thousands of iPhone apps in a short period of time, billions of profits for Apple and it’s developers and created an huge advantage gap for the iPhone vs. its competitors with few native apps.

Years later it would also help cement the iPad as the best tablet on the market with hundred of thousands of apps available on it’s Day-1 release. The App Store is one of the most important product Apple ever released and you can relive that moment in it’s integrity above.

Do you remember how it was like when there was no Apps for iPhone?