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How An Auditor Conducts The Direct Confirmation Procedure For Verifying The Debtors?

How An Auditor Conducts The Direct Confirmation Procedure For Verifying The Debtors?

Always, the method of direct confirmation is considered as the theoretically best solution for evaluating the book records which includes all the asset classes granted by a business company to its customers. Also, this is effective for realizing the present status more in an accurate manner especially if the internal control system is not good enough. However, the overall success of this procedure lies in the timely confirmation you get for your requests as an auditor.

In actual means, there exist an entity under audit who may in certain situations, request the auditor not to seek verification from specific debtors. So, it forms his duty to analyze if there are valid grounds for their saying and likewise, he should extend his period of auditing practice.

Subjects under consideration

  • The debtors may be asked to check on the balances either on account of the date registered in the balance sheet or on any other day that is nearly close to the suspected date of the balance sheet. This specific day and timing must be selected as per discussion with the management entity.
  • There can be two types of useful reference confirmation from the respective debtor which could be in a positive manner or else in the negative mode. The positive form includes the debtor comply with the date on the balance sheet and the negative includes the debtor turning down the requested data that is recorded in the balance sheet.
  • Further, the definite form is mostly employed for the cases where large account transaction has occurred and also in the stages where the respective internal controls are totally weak. Also, the auditor thinks that if the accounts are in the level of complications like disputes or some sort of irregularities.
  • On the other hand, the non-approval form is utilized for the cases where a numerous small balance transaction has been made and also, the internal control strategy is strong enough to support the happening status. Moreover, the auditor himself is not sure about the response from the corresponding debtors. Normally, if the negative type is the chosen mode of operation, then the whole process will be a tedious one as the auditor needs to obtain the assurance from the different debtors about their prevailing balances.
  • Another case is dependent on the size of the debtors. If the population of debtors is relatively small, then all of them may be evenly circularized and if they are large in number, then affirmation may be carried out on a sample basis.



How to Start a Successful Mobile Phone Shop

How to Start a Successful Mobile Phone Shop

Mobile phones have become an indispensable part of almost every human being’s life all over the world. So was the mobile revolution in our country that it has reached every nook and corner of it. With the recent technological advancement mobile phone is not only used for communication purpose but a lot of other applications. A mobile phone has become a status symbol for many people. Various other uses of mobile phones include messaging, internet surfing, GPS facility, playing games, social media platforms etc. Mobile phone usage has increased so much among people that it has led to addiction among them. Many people are not able to part with their mobile phone if it gets damaged either they have to buy a new one or get the old one repaired immediately. This is a huge earning opportunity for mobile shops and so is the importance of setting up one.

Setting up a mobile shop

A shop and distributors are the primary things required to start a mobile phone shop. Another important thing is the place and time when you open your shop; it won’t be a great idea to start a shop where there are already many mobile phone shops, there would be stiff competition. It would an added advantage if you analyze the purchasing capacity of the people in the area where you propose to start your shop as you will have an idea on what category of mobile phones will sell off fast. Others important things to keep in mind are,

  • Location of shop

One thing to keep in mind while opening a mobile phone shop nowadays is that you will have two sorts of sale, offline and online. The location of the shop should be in such a location that would satisfy the convenience of local customers as well as it should be near to courier services so that they can easily pick up the orders ordered online. Apart from that, the shop layout should be pleasing to customers so that their shopping would be a great experience.


  • Finding the right distributor

Their lot of wholesale and retail distributors are in any market, finding a genuine distributor is a quite difficult task. After selecting a good distributor to make an agreement like the payments, supply frequency, and product quality. Always try to make bulk purchases that will save a lot of money.  Nowadays there are a lot of E-commerce sites which provides limited budget products, so if you have limited source of income to purchase the products you can try this option also, but always keep in mind that product quality should not be compromised that will lose your customers.


Why Prefer Auto Trading Robots For Cryptocurrency Trading?

Why Prefer Auto Trading Robots For Cryptocurrency Trading?

Crypto robots have been a great source of financial income for all of us. It enhances the working tendencies of the investments made in the long run. Investment planning gets difficult when we work on new platforms. Auto trading robots can trade completely on behalf of us completely. We need not give them any instructions; they can analyze the surroundings outside and invest money in the right manner. It is a proven fact. But, why do we essentially prefer such robots?

Comfortable transaction methods

It is very comfortable to trade online. We have to just have a smart device and an internet connection. The internet connection should be very consistent and clear. These are made available to even the most remote locations throughout the world. This will ensure a good and a regular transaction efficiency that can be achieved to a great extent.  

At affordable prices

From the registration process to other proceedings, we have an affordable source of availing the opportunities. Initially, to get the license to trade we need not pay a single penny. The registration is completely nil. We need to just fund the newly created account for starting to invest and trade. We do not have any additional taxes that come along with it. It is a cost-effective means of trading compared to any other means of financial trading.

Track it easily

We can regularly monitor and get to know the proceedings on a large scale. They provide a very intrinsic format to clearly understand when we invested and we sold it. This gives a fair idea on a good scale. We will also get to plan on how we can work on a good strategy.

No third parties involved

In any financial platform, we always have an intermediary functioning in between to facilitate the process. It is similar to personnel serving in the banks. We can expect quite a little amount of partial thinking and advantages provided selectively which is not really a good trend. Thus, the process is really very transparent and convincingly good.


There are several products available. Ethereum Code is considered just the best in this arena. Traditionally speaking, it offers good quality research and returns as well. Because we get to monitor our account we have complete control over our strategies and movements in the investment industry. Continue reading about cryptocurrencies and the benefits of Ethereum Code here.

What are you looking for, begin your saving !!!

Saving is for future use, it for stall and shield you from an emergency scenario. Saving helps in not spending your whole financial gain in expenditure, it helps you by securing your money in a pension account, as a deposit account, as insurance, as a cash, jewel, shopping for land or home.

Yes, begin saving a little quantity, which contributes to economic growth. ,

we accustomed save cash as a result of we tend to can not predict the long run. Savings can assist you in things like in emergency hospital desires, for education, like social insurance, retirement, etc.,

Types of savings: number of savings square measure, time deposit account or joint account, high-interest the account, gargantuan saving account, student account, certificate of deposit, college saving account, individual retirement arrangement(IRAs), Roth IRA, health saving account(HSAs).

Tips to start your saving:

  • Plan your budget: Smartest way to save money. Note down the monthly and weekly budget. List of things before going shopping, which helps you in avoiding unnecessary shopping.
  • Compare cost: Compare the prices between different shops. Choose the cheap shopping store for your purchase. Switch your shopping whenever you need them or on during sale.
  • Cook yourself: Research tells that people spend most expenditure on the outside food, packing your lunch helps you to save money. Home food is very healthy, it prevents you from food diseases, and to avoid unnecessary doctor visit.
  • Cut off your weekly shopping: Plan it out, this is the right method to increase your shopping. Avoid your shopping at the weekend as many shops will be available on weekend and mainly avoid going center of the shopping mall where many shops available.
  • Spend in online trading: Invest some amount in the Qprofit system learn more about it. open an account for free and spend only $250 as an investment and earn about $2500 daily average.
  • Gardening: Grow some of the herbs, lettuce, and greens, vegetables, fruits and flowers at your own garden. It helps in reducing the amount you spent on groceries.
  • Cut your gym expenses: Go out for a walk, jogging and do a workout at home and some activities or moderate work which helps you in burning more calories.
  • Think before you buy: Always buy products which is necessary, think twice before you get. Unwanted shopping will spoil your saving.

Saving teaches you how to live life on your own terms. Start your saving scheme and enjoy the future life.

What is Online trading?

 On-line trading is nothing but the net investment. It refers to purchasing and marketing assets on the net, i.e. on the web through an internet brokerage. Opinions, stocks, bonds, future, currencies (like cryptocurrency, bitcoin)will be listed online. one must always assume before spending your earnings or investing in online. As technology increases, theft through online, account hacking, fraud assaults takes place.  If you are inquisitive about cash  through online follow this idea,

  • Monitor the market.
  • Make time period

categories of online trading: it has 3 totally different categories,

1.short term trading: commercialism takes place just for some weeks.

  1. medium-term trading: Trading lasts for a few weeks to a few months.
  2. long-term trading: Trading which lasts from few months to few years holding securities.

Benefits of trading:

An investor can easily deal with the trading in few clicks and it is very affordable. You can access trading through a laptop, mobile device allows more flexibility and freedom to go on. It is extremely fast, once you activated the account, trading takes place immediately.

Start your investment with the Qprofit system: A brand new commerce code, that is formed in such a simplest way to earn cash through online learn more about it. Yes, it is safe and secured software created by finance and CEO of the corporate. It applies the large information investment principles and it makes extremely effective. Because of the capitalist gets profit up to $2500 average per day. Its winning magnitude relation is concerning about 95%, therefore it is extremely recommended online investment on the internet. Its basic tools are legit, authentic, and reliable.

Guidelines To Begin Access:

  1. Open your account for free: No need to pay a fee, to open your account. Access your account and operate while not on any given browser.
  2. Submission: complete your registration and submit your form.
  3. Investment: deposit just $250 as your initial payment, it is used for an investment purpose. You can draw this money at any time you desire.
  4. Earn profit: you can earn up to $2500 per day average. Even newcomers will be profited. Till now there are no complaints or withdrawal issues raised by the investor.

Does the software is expensive? No, its sign up is free always, however it is limited up to 50 per day. This software provides users with solid returns and excellent trading tools.

Highly recommended professionals are working in the customer care department, who helps you to address, handle and solve your problems.

Know How An Auditor Consider The Debentures And Other Unclaimed Dividends Of A Business Company

Know How An Auditor Consider The Debentures And Other Unclaimed Dividends Of A Business Company

An Auditor should practice examining the Memorandum and Articles of Association to know the provisions regarding the company’s authority to sanction debentures prior to actually verifying it. Further, the Auditor should review the following cases too.

  • If in case the debenture is allotted as the mortgage type, then The Auditor has to evaluate the enlisting certificate that is approved by the Registrar.
  • Also, he must precisely analyze the terms and conditions on which the debenture is being granted and how it is contained in the Trust agreement. Do ensure if both these comply with each other.
  • Moreover, the Auditor should compare the cash received with that recorded in the cash book.
  • In addition, the Auditor must check with the periodic payment of interest laid on these debentures and should document the same in his records. If the Auditor finds any misappropriation with the same account dealings, he must get a reasonable answer from the responsible officials of the business company.
  • If these debentures have been already cashed during the year, this has to be strictly affirmed with the Minutes book of the Director’s board. Along with this, the leaflets of the checkbooks, the details on the Bank Passbook and even the corresponding cashbook need to be properly evaluated for confirming the same.
  • There can be cases when the debentures are geared on the basis of any collateral security keeping. If so, the Auditor should verify if these listings are registered in the balance sheet. He can cross-check this with the returned debenture certificates.

In the case of unclaimed dividends, the Auditor should conduct the verification procedure in the following manner.

  • He must validate whether the bank Account from which the dividend fund is paid is clearly settled without creating any future issues. It should be also noticed that another dividend account is opened for the next year to totally avoid the situation of mixing up the dividend payment with the past year or the next years. He should also take care while accessing the record books and see that there are no particular entries made with these accounts after reconciliation has been done.
  • It is also the duty entrusted with the Auditor to evaluate whether the dividends announced on shares as well as the calls in the arrears are all agreed by the Director’s Board and appropriate entries have been made accordingly.

How Does An Auditor Verify The Dividends Proposed And Other Outstanding Expenses Of A Business Company?

How Does An Auditor Verify The Dividends Proposed And Other Outstanding Expenses Of A Business Company?

The proposed dividends of a company include matters like the provision applicable for depreciation, sharing of profit funds or the transfer of reserves and so on. It forms the responsibility of an Auditor to

  • Make sure if these planned dividends comply with the Company Act and are also legally approved by the Court.
  • He must take the appropriate measures to understand the board’s decision regarding this and besides review the notes made regarding the Profit and Loss Appropriation account.
  • Corresponding to the Company’s Act, provisions should be made to provide the gross dividend for sure.
  • To complete the procedure of evaluation with this dividend strategy, the Auditor must double-check with the names listed in the dividend note and ensure that the register holds the respective titles of the shareholders.

For considering the outstanding expenses of a company, the Auditor should

  • Initially obtain a written letter from the dependable officer confirming whether these expenses are added in the current year’s accounts or not.
  • To evaluate the amount paid on the different accounts, the Auditor must cross-check the sum with the entries made in the cashbook of the company.
  • Observe if all the unpaid accounts of the outstanding expenses of the organization are recorded at the date of the Balance sheet.
  • Moreover, all the expenses like the rent, wages, audit fee and so on must be surely accounted in the book of records and the Auditor must check with it.
  • Also, the entries made in the books with regard to the invoices received must be validated so as to ensure if these accounts are not associated with the year under audit.
  • Further, he can conduct a comparative analysis to see if all the paid and unpaid type of expenses of the previous and the current year does not portray much difference.
  • Though ensure if all the outstanding wages and salaries have been paid off correctly without keeping any dues.

Bank Overdraft is another area under consideration. This includes all the loans advanced by the company for satisfying the financial purposes of the same. It is the Auditor’s duty to

  • Examine in detail the Bank Passbook records and other calls for the assuring the statements made regarding the mortgaged assets.
  • Make sure these properties that are mortgaged is accurately stated in the Balance Sheet of the business organization.


5 Tips to Choose Your Automated Software

5 Tips to Choose Your Automated Software

If you are newcomer into the world of trading or if you are professional who is looking for a switch from the manual trading systems to an easier automatic system of trading, then binary automated trading is just what you are looking for.

Advantages of choosing an online-automated trading system over to the traditional offline systems are:

  • No installations or downloads are required
  • No need to bother with software upgrades as everything is automatic and online software is always up to date
  • Can be accessed from anywhere as long as you have access to an internet-enabled device
  • Provides automatic backup and system maintenance, thus no extra cost
  • Data is synchronized across all systems
  • Anytime access to financial data

However, there is a hitch. With plenty of automated systems available, you need to be cautious of the one system that you settle for. Here are some tips that will help you choose your automated software. Learn more about it below.

  1. Check how secure is your data – While opting for an online-automated system security is a crucial factor. Thus, in order to ensure data security, you must understand how data is stored and what are the different security measures taken to safeguard the user’s personal data. Moreover, platforms that use https connection over to HTTP are quite safe and secure.
  2. Realize the system’s features – Although there are a few common features shared by all automated trading software, every system offers some amount of uniqueness. Hence, it is important to identify the features that each system has to offer. For example, the QProfit System is known for its lightning-fast processing speed because it makes use of Quantum Technology, which makes it stand apart.
  3. Get a feel of the user interface – Even though you might find some features of certain systems very interesting, it is important that you find it easy to use as well. Hence, you need to check the user interface and the level of complexity involved. More the number of features does not mean it is the best software but the ease at which users can navigate around the website determines how successful it will be with the user.
  4. Understand the hidden costs – While most systems ask the users to deposit a minimum of USD 250 to fund the user’s trading account, some software might have some hidden costs. You aim, as a trader is to maximize your returns and not spend it on additional costs on the trading portal. Hence, inquire about additional hidden costs before choosing your tool.
  5. Check if the system provides 24×7 customer support and service – It is obvious that you are bound to have doubts and face issues during the initial days. Hence, it is only natural that you seek help. Therefore, make sure that the system offers round the clock service assistance to ensure you have an unproblematic trading experience.


A Keynote On The Essentials Of Audit

A Keynote On The Essentials Of Audit

As the audit papers are prepared with much importance, it must satisfy the following essentials

  • It should maintain a standard form. All the titles and subtitles should be arranged accordingly to present a simple but elegant paper report.
  • Further, things must be properly put on a well-designed and prescribed layout of audit papers. This will help to retain the evenness of these working documents.
  • Adequate space margins should be left for each paper as the auditor need to fill in those left places with his distinguished remarks and also about the prompt decisions are taken.
  • Everything must be written in an organized manner so that it becomes easy for the auditor to locate any specific subject even at times of urgency.
  • The auditor papers should be absolute to the knowledge of the auditor performing the audit. The documentation should possess a detailed description of each and every topic accounted for by the auditor during his auditing course.
  • The presented document must uphold the feature of transparency along with the self-explainable quality and everything is written on the paper should be precise.
  • As these documentation works are frequently used for the read-through purpose, good uniformity in case of size and shape along with excellent quality sheets are preferred that helps in the easy filing of these working papers.

Who can keep these audit papers? Learn more about it here.

Audit papers are the properties entitled only to their creators or the defined auditors. It is the only wish of the auditor to submit a copy of these extracts or a portion of it is being made available to the client. Otherwise, it is the only right of the auditor to retain it.

How about a test checking?

A test checking is based on a decision made by the auditor to reverify certainly selected list of the transaction for evaluating the fairness of the financial explanation made by the office staff. The characteristic features of the test checking include

  • The scientific fact. It should be mathematically evident from the selected portion of transactions that it really represents the aspects of the population using the accounts. The property of sampling is used for the estimation purpose.
  • The approximation works. To establish the accuracy along with dependability feature, subjects under consideration are just a matter of how an individual judge on it.
  • The surprise element. The auditor and his assistants choose different patterns to evaluate the accounts of the company. Sometimes they select a particular area and period to be checked in a year and so that the client’s remain more alarming about the same.


Profit Now From QProfit

Profit Now From QProfit

The QProfit System is a new automated trading robot that has gained popularity among both novel and professional traders mainly because of its reliability, legitimacy, safety and more. Unlike other automated trading systems, the QProfit system assures to deliver results, minimize risk while trading, and safeguard the user’s personal information. Continue reading the article to learn more about it.

Salient Features of the System

  • It is one of the most unique forex trading robots that is operated automatically.
  • A group of skilled professionals who are expert financiers of the Wall Street and professional software developers had developed the QProfit System.
  • The software is especially unique for its two main factors. One is that it makes use of an interesting data investment principle and the other is the high-speed Quantum technology.
  • The software also operates based on multifaceted mathematical algorithms, complex calculations, and intense programming codes that give the system a competitive advantage over the other software.
  • The autopilot mode in the system allows users to trade seamlessly and free of errors.
  • Additionally, the system’s sophisticated logic offers a user-friendly interface, which makes website navigation simpler, especially for first-time users and to those who have no prior trading experience.
  • The QProfit System, in addition, promises its users to a substantial amount of income, which becomes all the more easy with its autopilot mode.

Expectations from the Users

The QProfit System that makes use of the high-speed Quantum Technology is highly capable of predicting the volatile market conditions and market trends that are capable of foreseeing the prices of various assets. In addition, the software has a high rate of success and guarantees a minimum daily income of over and above $2500. However, in order to achieve this level of success, users are expected to:

  • Have access to a good personal computer with a reliable internet connection, as the QProfit System is accessed directly on the web. The software requires no downloading.
  • Complete the registration process, which can be completed in three simple steps. The first step requires the users to create a trading account on the QProfit System’s platform, which is completely free of cost. All the user is expected to do is fill in the necessary information. The next step is that the user must make a minimum deposit of $250 in order to activate his/her trading account. The third step in the registration process is to switch to the autopilot mode and enjoy automated trading.