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Celebrating Macintosh 30th anniversary (18 videos compilation)

On January 24 1984, Apple introduced the revolutionary Macintosh. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of this event, this playlists regroups every videos related to Steve Jobs’ groundbreaking announcement and the iconic “1984″ commercial that created the myth. Read More


This Day in History: Steve Jobs introduces the first iPod touch (Sept. 5 2007)

In an iPod-focus event, Steve Jobs refreshed the full iPod line-up and introduced the first iPod touch. A few year later, iPod touch would becomes Apple’s best selling iPod.

One more thing. Steve also introduced the iTunes WiFi Music Store and a partnership with Starbucks. Read More


This Day in History: Steve Jobs introduces iCloud at WWDC (June 6, 2011)

In his very last keynote, Steve Jobs introduced the glue to stick all Apple devices together, iCloud. That wasn’t Apple’s first attempt to create an online service. Long time Apple fans will remember iTools, .Mac and MobileMe. Apple hoped this last effort would make forget the fiasco that MobileMe was. Time will tell…

OS X Lion and iOS 5 where also previewed at the event. Read More


This Day in History: Steve Jobs faces angry developers at WWDC (May 16, 1997)

On this day, almost two decades ago, Steve Jobs took the stage at WWDC for a memorable Q&A session with (some) angry developers.

At this point in time, Apple was bleeding money from all sides and Steve was still an advisor to the Board. He took every opportunity to share his personal opinion on the poor state of the company! Read More


Bill Gates gets emotional about Steve Jobs on 60 Minutes

In an interview yesterday on the TV show 60 Minutes hosted by Charlie Rose, Bill Gates touched on the complex relationship he had with Steve Jobs and the mutual respect both men had for each others. Emotion was palpable when Gates recalled his last visit just before Steve’s death. A must see.

Watch a teary-eyed Bill Gates on Steve Jobs

This is not the first time these two tech titans are featured in an interview. Here’s a compilation of videos with both of them. I can never tire myself of watching these. Read More


This Day in History: Steve Jobs introduces the iTunes Store (April 28, 2003)

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the historic keynote where Steve Jobs introduced the iTunes Store, then called iTunes Music Store.  It changed forever the way people get their music.

In 2003, the shift to digital music was already started, but no existing solutions were compelling enough for users to drop their CDs and pay for mp3s. It was a complex world of digital right management and limited online music portfolios. It sucked – but not for long. Read More


This Day in History: Happy Birthday Apple II (April 16, 1977)

Today marks the 36th anniversary of the Apple II unveiling. There’s no known video footage of the event. Never mind, I managed to put together a random collection of videos, links and photos to commemorate the arrival on one of the most influential product in Apple’s history – heck, the computer industry! Read More