Apple Studio Display introduction – Seybold (1998)

Steve Jobs announced the first ever Apple flat screen display and pitted the G3 PowerPC to the poor Pentium II.

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02:36. TV ads
04:45: Webobjects
07:15. QuickTime
12:30. QuickTime demo with Phil Schiller – 1st time ever on stage with Steve!
22:24. Apple Studio Display introduction
26:13. Power PC G3 vs. Intel Pentium II

Location: New York
Date: March 17, 1998
Steve was 43 years old.

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Power Mac G4 introduction – Seybold (1999)

The keynote started as a rehash of MacWorld NY but became suddenly interesting with the unveiling of Power Mac G4.

00:00. Update on Apple
02:13. QuickTime TV & demo
16:42. OS 9 features Read More

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OS X Puma introduction – Seybold (2001)

Steve Jobs opened Seybold before inviting Phil Schiller and others continue.

00:50. Update on OS X (Steve Jobs)
08:45. OS X goals (Phil Schiller)