This Day in History: Happy Birthday Apple II (April 16, 1977)

Today marks the 36th anniversary of the Apple II unveiling. There’s no known video footage of the event. Never mind, I managed to put together a random collection of videos, links and photos to commemorate the arrival on one of the most influential product in Apple’s history – heck, the computer industry!

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Woz and the Apple II

To me, a personal computer should be small, reliable, convenient to use and inexpensive.

Steve Wozniak, May 1977.

Apple II Videos

Great video looking back at the history of Apple, the Apple I and the Apple II. The style of the video is reminiscent of Apple in the mid 80s. It looks like an internal video made for the Sales Channel in 1985.

Amateur review. Well edited.

Hands on with the little bugger. Lots of technical stuff in there for the hardware lovers.

This ad was not made by Apple but from High Technology – a reseller.

Apple’s very first TV ad. Guess for which product?

Sales video about the Apple II’s Business Graphic software.

Good Reads
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Steve-Jobs-and-Steve-Wozniak and Apple II
The Steves

Wozniak and his creation
Wozniak and his creation

Steve Jobs and a mustache
Jobs and his creation -I’m talking about the Stache!

Early ad for the Apple II
Early printed ad

Another ad for the Apple II
Another ad

Yep, another ad.

I never came across an Apple II. I wish I did.