How to Start a Successful Mobile Phone Shop

How to Start a Successful Mobile Phone Shop

Mobile phones have become an indispensable part of almost every human being’s life all over the world. So was the mobile revolution in our country that it has reached every nook and corner of it. With the recent technological advancement mobile phone is not only used for communication purpose but a lot of other applications. A mobile phone has become a status symbol for many people. Various other uses of mobile phones include messaging, internet surfing, GPS facility, playing games, social media platforms etc. Mobile phone usage has increased so much among people that it has led to addiction among them. Many people are not able to part with their mobile phone if it gets damaged either they have to buy a new one or get the old one repaired immediately. This is a huge earning opportunity for mobile shops and so is the importance of setting up one.

Setting up a mobile shop

A shop and distributors are the primary things required to start a mobile phone shop. Another important thing is the place and time when you open your shop; it won’t be a great idea to start a shop where there are already many mobile phone shops, there would be stiff competition. It would an added advantage if you analyze the purchasing capacity of the people in the area where you propose to start your shop as you will have an idea on what category of mobile phones will sell off fast. Others important things to keep in mind are,

  • Location of shop

One thing to keep in mind while opening a mobile phone shop nowadays is that you will have two sorts of sale, offline and online. The location of the shop should be in such a location that would satisfy the convenience of local customers as well as it should be near to courier services so that they can easily pick up the orders ordered online. Apart from that, the shop layout should be pleasing to customers so that their shopping would be a great experience.


  • Finding the right distributor

Their lot of wholesale and retail distributors are in any market, finding a genuine distributor is a quite difficult task. After selecting a good distributor to make an agreement like the payments, supply frequency, and product quality. Always try to make bulk purchases that will save a lot of money.  Nowadays there are a lot of E-commerce sites which provides limited budget products, so if you have limited source of income to purchase the products you can try this option also, but always keep in mind that product quality should not be compromised that will lose your customers.