Insanely Great First Post

Hello everyone. This is the first post of what hopefully will be many. I’m a long time Steve Jobs fan dating way back to the mid-90’s before I even knew who Steve was. That’s when Pixar blew my mind with Toy Story and I (finally) started to enjoy computers thanks to the ease of use of the Mac – kudos to Martin and Patrick, my roommates of the time, who convinced me to go Mac.

Steve’s impact has been tremendous to millions of people and as a token of my appreciation, I decided to create this blog to allow everyone wanting to know more about Steve Jobs to have access to every videos of him, in a simple and easy way.

Steve Jobs in a bus with the NeXT Team

And what better way is there to start this journey than to view Steve Jobs proudest career moment – the launch of the Macintosh. The grin on his face tells it all!

I hope you’ll enjoy the journey. Stay hungry, stay foolish.