iPod touch (3rd gen.) introduction – Apple Special Music Event (2009)

An emotional Steve Jobs is back on stage after a year of absence to introduce new iPods & iTunes 9.

Keynote Summary

00:00. Standing ovation & gratitude
02:30. Update on iPhone
06:18. iTunes 9 introduction (Genius Mixes, Home Sharing, iTunes LP)
15:00. iTunes 9 demo (iTunes LP) – Jeff Robbin
26:24. iPod touch (3rd generation) introduction – Phil Schiller
35:46. Games developers & demo (Ubisoft, Tapulous, Gameloft, EA)
48:20. iPod touch pricing – Phil Schiller
51:32. iPod touch TV ad
52:25. iPod classic refresh & iPod shuffle (3rd generation) introduction – Phil Schiller
56:29. ONE MORE THING… iPod nano (5th generation) with video camera introduction – Steve Jobs
1:02:27. iPod nano TV ad “Capture”

The tagline of the event invite read: “It’s only Rock & Roll but we like it”

Date: September 9, 2009
Location: Moscone Convention Center, San Francisco
Steve was 54 years old.