Jobs In Financial Sector

Jobs In Financial Sector

If you are about to finish off your studies with accounting, economics, business or finance degree, then the next question on your mind would be which job should I take upon. A degree in finance related subjects would lead to a job in a financial institution or corporations. The corporate jobs normally would be an accountant who spends his time in the job budgeting or as analysts who help in making strategic decisions. If you wish to work with financial institutions, then jobs would be evaluating the risk, financial planning and so on. You could also take part in trading. If you want to learn about trading using software then go through the uTrader reviews.

In order to narrow down your option, you could talk to the professor who taught your favorite subject so that he could help you out the in choosing a career that is related to the subject.

Job in finance

Commercial banking- These banks include local institutions to large entities that offer various kinds of financial services from savings accounts to loans and so on.  The jobs available in this sector are loan officers, bank tellers, operations, branch managers, etc.

Investment banking- The most intense careers in the financial sector could be found in investment banking. It majorly deals with issuing of corporate securities. These banks help in making available the securities to the general public. Apart from this, they offer financial advice to both wealth individual investors and corporations. Usually, these firms have many divisions with different responsibilities and objectives. When you work in these firms it lets you interact with mergers and acquisitions, issuers of securities and so on.

Corporate finance- The jobs in corporate finance involves working for an organization to manage the capital which is necessary for the business operation. This is done by lowering the financial risk and maximizing the corporate value.  The functions include:

  • Forecasting profit or losses
  • Creating the overall financial strategy of the company
  • Preparation of the financial statements
  • Negotiating the line of credit
  • Coordinating with external auditors

The corporate finance job also includes activities related to mergers and acquisition like determining the value of the division, value of the acquisition target, etc. Other corporate finance jobs include treasurers, internal auditors, and financial analyst.

You need to pick a job that excites you and close to your heart so that you never feel bored.