Leading a way to Business

Identifying the right way of Business is the most essential part while starting any business. Anyone can start up a business, but continuing the legacy and keeping up the standard and running through all difficulties are some of the Positive notes.

It is about a Housewife who started Business in a small way and multiplied ber business in Crores in Satisfying the Taste buds of many. She is from a Humble Brahmin Community and she was very good at Cooking all Vegetarian dishes. It all started with  Pickles and Pappad. During peak summer, she would supply all types of Pickles like Manago, Ginger, Garlic, Tomato, Avakkai, and many items. This is the first step to get into each households Dining Table. The Taste was such that people in an around her place was giving repeated order. This was the first stepping stone. Around this time she was ready to supply to the Flat members on requirement Sambar Rice, Curd Rice, Vegetable Biriyani. Whenever the Family members were going out, and only Elders were at home, small orders were given to supply simple food items daily for a week or a month. These are second stepping stones to get into Business. These were taken care as the Elders need Homely food. Every day new ways are created to make money and one such simplified and easy way to multiply and generate more income by doing online trading is  Bitcoin Loophole.

Businesses were happening within the existing place without any major changes. She will be getting up at 4.00 am so that the daily activities at home are not disturbed.  By this time, an online vendor gave her the order to supply for Online customers. The Dishes were Vegetarian Meals, Sambar, Rasam, and other Mixed meals. When she was supplying for the Online customers she had Equipped herself to extend to supply up to 50 -100 customers a day. By this, she has rented an additional space to stock the items, added few more employees. No items were wasted as the Order were in hand and prepared accordingly. For Online order, the Containers were supplied by the Vendor and each package has to have correct Weight and Specified items. Because of the quality and quantity and timely delivery she has gained repeated Orders.  

By this time the Date base was ready with all information of Customers, Contact details, food ordered frequently every information for a New Business. She has the experience to cater to online customers. Now that she is equipped to supply for 100 – 200 members. Opened Online Portal and gave an  Attractive name for the Business. All of her existing customers were updated. Now the dealing was direct and additional cost given was reduced. Business picked up in Full Swing within Few years, She was Purchased a Flat worth a crore and moved into it and added more Employee and the Business volumes increased considerably. The reason behind the success was, she never deviated in the core objective of delivering quality food, Timely without any break and that was her success.