Organizational Culture

Every organization has its own sets of values, norms, philosophy, and expectations. A new employee may hear the old staff members telling him “things are done this way here”. Organizational culture can be defined as a set of shared assumptions which can guide the organization in various situations. Good organizational culture is important because it affects the way people interact with each other and with clients. Business leaders are the main architects of organizational culture, but it is not completely one-sided. It is the established culture which determines what kind of leadership is possible in the first place. A leader should acknowledge the culture and help the employees achieve their goals within the framework of the established culture. In fact, organizational culture, leadership and job satisfaction are all linked to each other. Leaders can create and also be created by workplace culture.

Organizational culture is not stagnant and should not remain static. The members of an organization develop a shared belief, as they interact over time. They learn what brings success and what doesn’t. If the results are less than successful even with the shared beliefs and assumptions, they must be ready to change. Culture will have to evolve for it to stay relevant in changing times. Changing organizational culture is not an easy task. Employees often resist change. There is always some suspicion when new things are introduced. It is the duty of a leader to convince their employees of the benefits of change. They have to show the employees that the new culture will be beneficial and will yield good profits. Instead of changing the complete culture of an organization, sometimes it is better to let some sub-cultures emerge. This will make the organization more adaptable and agile. The behavior of the top bosses is extremely important because it symbolizes the kind of behavior expected from the employees.

There can many types of cultures in an organization. People culture defines how people, both, employees, and clients are treated. Power culture tells us the hierarchy in the organization. How the power flows and who is answerable to who is an important aspect. There are many small and big things which an organization does because it is part of their culture and any new person joining the company would do well to understand and follow the culture. Any and every business or organization has a set of values. The News Spy is an automated online trading platform which also follows a set of values. Its main focus is to ensure that the clients are satisfied and happy after using it. Read more here for a thorough analysis.