Original iBook, AirPort & HALO introduction – Macworld NY (1999)

Say hello to Apple’s newest laptop, a candy-colored clamshell book with an handle and wireless networking.

The very idea of doubling the invested funds gives a different and a unique idea to each and every investor. It is a spark that leads to whether a massive or a small investment depending upon how the opportunity is understood and perceived by an investor. It is the investment psychology that triggers each investment idea in every trader. For a few it is about the money they make here while for a few it is their longevity here. So this way this field is taken up by different traders differently though earnings and profits are the primary goals which are perceived differently.

Trading perceptions

  • For a few traders, it is the headlines that are everything about trading. So it is this that satisfies them and they are ready to do things for getting that status.
  • For a few others it is this badge they get when they are identified with the profits made by them on the trading field. It is definitely a prestigious thing to get identified this way.
  • While for a few it is just that they need to trade without losing anything that would make them regret their decisions.

The deceiving market

As all of us know and think, trading is a profitable market. At the same time it is also a deceiving one trying to allure traders with lavish offers and promotions. It is this that tempts trades to get in here blinkering all their trade plans and ideas. Sometime it is so very impulsive that traders become very impulsive and they get attracted to make huge investing mistakes here. These are of course common here but it is fact to be understood and realised that such opportunities should be ignored or taken up after an in-depth scrutiny. Cybermentors is a reliable website that elaborates on this point with clarity.


00:00. Noah Wyle, star of “Pirates of Silicon Valley” impersonates Steve
03:08. Update on Apple
07:18. QuickTime TV & demo
20:05. Sherlock 2 demo
32:10. Update on products
39:22. HALO unveiled for the time (Sadly, soon afterwards Microsoft bought Bungie and the rest is history…)
41:05. IBM ‘s voice recognition demo with Ozzie Osbourne
47:07. iBook introduction
57:14. iBook TV ads
57:56. ONE MORE THING… AirPort
1:07:57. AirPort TV ad
1:08:41. AirPort demo
1:13:02. Amazing demo with Phil Schiller jumping off from 4 meters high! (MUST WATCH)

Date: July 21, 1999
Location: Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, New York
Steve was 44 years old.