Original iBook & AirPort introduction – Macworld NY (1999)

Say hello to Apple’s newest laptop, a candy-colored clamshell book with an handle and wireless networking.

Keynote Summary

00:00. Noah Wyle, star of “Pirates of Silicon Valley” impersonates Steve
03:08. Update on Apple
07:18. QuickTime TV & demo
20:05. Sherlock 2 demo
32:10. Update on products
41:05. IBM ‘s voice recognition demo with Ozzie Osbourne 43:45
44:07. iBook introduction
54:34. iBook TV ads
57:52. ONE MORE THING… AirPort
1:05:17. AirPort TV ad
1:06:01. AirPort demo
1:10:20. Amazing demo with Phil Schiller jumping off from 4 meters high! (MUST WATCH)

Date: July 21, 1999
Location: Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, New York
Steve was 44 years old.