Original iPhone introduction – Macworld SF (2007)

Steve Jobs masterfully choreographed introduction of iPhone is the biggest event in consumer electronic’s history.

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Keynote Summary
00:00. Update on Apple (Intel, Retail, Get a Mac ad, iPod, iTunes)
09:45. iPod TV ads
11:40. Apple TV introduction & demo
21:50. iPhone introduction
26:35. iPhone overview (UI, OS X, Design)
36:36. iPhone demo (iPod)
43:05. iPhone demo (Phone, Visual voice-mail, SMS, Photo)
55:35. iPhone demo (Mail, Safari, Widgets, Google Maps)
1:10:45. Partners (Google / Eric Schmidt, Yahoo / Jerry Yang)
1:17:41. iPhone demo
1:21:10. iPhone accessories
1:24:57. iPhone pricing
1:25:53. Cingular & AT&T Partnership
1:37:56. Apple Inc.

Date: January 9, 2007
Location: Moscone Convention Center, San Francisco
Steve was 51 years old.