OS X Aqua interface & iTools introduction – Macworld SF (2000)

An all-software keynote geared towards the Future where Steve Jobs revealed OS X, iTools and a new CEO.

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00:00. Update on Apple & Products
13:41. New Think Different heroes
15:00. New iMac TV ads
18:07. Internet Strategy
25:42. iReview, iCards & demo
37:21. iTools (Kidsafe, Mac.com, iDisk, Homepage)
49:10. iTools demo
1:00:40. EarthLink partnership
1:07:20. Mac OS X
1:13:50. Aqua user interface & demo
1:29:50. Apps demo (IE, Mail, QuickTime, Bomb app, Quartz)
1:43:13. Quake 3 failed demo
1:46:00. Dock demo
1:54:21. Developers: Adobe, Microsoft, Macromedia, Quark, ID, Palm
2:04:08. onApple’s mission
2:08:03. ONE MORE THING… Apple’s new CEO

Date: January 5, 2000
Location: Moscone Convention Center, San Francisco
Steve was 44 years old.