OS X Panther & Power Mac G5 introduction – WWDC (2003)

Kickass keynote where Steve Jobs previewed OS X Panther and introduced the mighty Power Mac G5.

00:00. Update on Apple
09:10. OS X 10.3 Panther preview & demo (New Finder, iDisk, Exposé, FileVault, Mail, Pixlet, Preview, Fast User Switching, FontBook, iChat AV)
49:20. Al Gore appearance
53:10 Jab at Longhorn (Funny)
54:25. iSight introduction
59:03. Xcode introduction & demo (by Apple employee #8)
1:09:24. ONE MORE THING… Power Mac G5 specs & IBM speaker
1:22:58. Power Mac G5 unveiling
1:34:30. Power Mac G5 demo (Adobe, Wolfram, eMagic)
1:52:00. (Broken) Promise to 3GHz
1:52:30. Power Mac G5 video

Date: June 23, 2003
Location: Moscone Convention Center, San Francisco
Steve was 48 years old.