OS X Tiger & 30-inch Cinema Display introduction – WWDC (2004)

Steve Jobs previewed new features in the upcoming OS X Tiger and wowed the audience with a new stunning 30-inch Cinema Display.

Keynote Summary

00:00. Update on Apple (Digital music video @ 07:43)
11:50. Apologies – G5 not at 3GHz as promised
14:01. New 20-inch & 23-inch Cinema Displays introduction
17:00. ONE MORE THING… 30-inch Cinema Display introduction
22:32. OS X & app developers (Office 2004. Alias, Myst, Guitar Rig, Orbit)
38:22. OS X 10.4 Tiger preview & Spotlight demo
54:28. Demos (H.264, Safari RSS, Core Image / Core Video, .Mac)
1:20:30. More demos (Dashboard & Widgets, Automator, iChat conferencing)

Date: June 28, 2004
Location: Moscone Convention Center, San Francisco
Steve was 49 years old.