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Switch to Intel & Podcasting introduction – WWDC (2005)

Landmark event where Steve Jobs announced the switch to Intel processors and made podcasting mainstream. Read More


Steve Jobs TV interview about Intel switch (2005)

Date: June 6, 2005
Steve was 50 years old.


Steve Jobs’s Stanford Commencement address (2005)

Steve Jobs’ commencement speech to Stanford in 2005 is one of the greatest reflections on life we’ve ever heard. You can find the full transcript below.

Date: June 12, 2005
Steve was 50 years old. Read More


iPod nano & Motorola ROKR introduction – Apple Special Music Event (2005)

Disappointing event where Steve Jobs was rumored to launch iPhone but introduced the Motorola ROKR. Luckily the iPod nano saved the day.

Keynote Summary

00:00. Kudos to Yo-Yo Ma
01:05. Update on iTunes (Podcasting, music library, audiobooks)
07:00. iChat with Madonna Read More


iPod video & TV Shows on iTunes introduction – Apple Special Music Event (2005)

Entertaining keynote that saw Steve Jobs introducing video functionality on iPod, brought TV shows on iTunes and PhotoBooth on iMac.

00:35. New iMac introduction & demo (Built-in iSight, PhotoBooth)
08:28. Front Row introduction & demo
20:45. Update on iPod Read More


Original MacBook Pro introduction – Macworld SF (2006)

The switch to Intel has started, Steve Jobs introduced the first Intel products: MacBook Pro & iMac. Read More


iPod Hi-Fi introduction – Apple Special Event excerpt (2006)

A tired looking Steve Jobs introduced the iPod HI-FI, one of the few Apple products that can be labeled as major flop. After that keynote, it was never heard of again…

00:16. Intel Mac mini introduction & demo (Front Row)
10:58. Update on iPod & iTunes
12:05. iPod leather case Read More