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This Day in History: Steve Jobs introduces the Xserve (May 14, 2002)

In a somehow surprising move, Apple announced its intention to enter the entreprise market with its own server, the Xserve. The move was rather strange since at the time, Apple was totally consumer focussed, and quite frankly, had a poor track record on the business front.

Would the IT crowd be seduced by a sexy looking box – as consumers were? Considering the Xserve became discontinued in 2010, it’s safe to say it’s one of the few failures Apple endured at the helm of Steve Jobs. Read More


Bill Gates gets emotional about Steve Jobs on 60 Minutes

In an interview yesterday on the TV show 60 Minutes hosted by Charlie Rose, Bill Gates touched on the complex relationship he had with Steve Jobs and the mutual respect both men had for each others. Emotion was palpable when Gates recalled his last visit just before Steve’s death. A must see.

Watch a teary-eyed Bill Gates on Steve Jobs

This is not the first time these two tech titans are featured in an interview. Here’s a compilation of videos with both of them. I can never tire myself of watching these. Read More


This Day in History: Steve Jobs introduces the iMac (May 6, 1998)

Bye bye beige. 15 years ago today, Steve Jobs introduced one of Apple’s most iconic and beloved product, the iMac. The cute computer took the industry by storm and can be credited of changing an industry known for it’s boring and ugly designs. It’s also the first product of the “new” Apple era envisioned by Steve Jobs.Read more button


This Day in History: Steve Jobs introduces the White iBook (May 1, 2001)

Say goodbye to colorful iBooks. On this day 12 years ago, Steve Jobs introduced a totally redesigned white iBook. With sales of the clamshell iBooks down 52 percent, Apple thought it was time for a change. Read more button


This Day in History: Steve Jobs introduces the iTunes Store (April 28, 2003)

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the historic keynote where Steve Jobs introduced the iTunes Store, then called iTunes Music Store.  It changed forever the way people get their music.

In 2003, the shift to digital music was already started, but no existing solutions were compelling enough for users to drop their CDs and pay for mp3s. It was a complex world of digital right management and limited online music portfolios. It sucked – but not for long. Read More


This Day in History: Steve Jobs presents the first 100 days of Macintosh (April 24, 1984)

During the introduction event of the Apple IIc, Steve Jobs stole the show with his ‘state of the union’ on the Macintosh launch. The Macintosh had been introduces three months earlier and all signs pointed out to a resounding success. Apple’s objective was to sell 50,000 Macintosh in their first 100 days, they would sell 70,000. The audience was ecstatic. Read more button


This Day in History: Steve Jobs presents idea for new Campus (April 18, 2006)

Steve Jobs presents to Cupertino’s City Council his idea of building a giant Apple Campus in Cupertino. Steve didn’t give anymore information on Apple’s plans at the time. It would take a little bit more than 5 years for Steve to return in front of the City Council and unveil the plans of the ambitious new campus. Read more button