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Guidelines To Follow While Trading

Guidelines To Follow While Trading

Micro-management and over trading are the reasons usually the traders fail in trading shares or any other instruments.  There are many common habits many traders adapt which lead to their downfall. You need to keep a check on those habits and usually, people are not aware of what they are doing wrong. It is very important to watch every step you make in trading. A single error can lead to a huge loss.

However, in the case of cryptocurrency trading, you need not worry about your trading habits as there are many efficient trading robots available such as a Qprofit system which will never make any mistakes while transacting. Each and every decision taken by these robots are accurate and bring an only good return on the investment. One could learn more about it here and it gives you a better understanding of the software.

Tips to follow while trading

Avoid micro-managing- When a trader micro-manages his trading activities, it brings down the performance of the investment portfolio.  Many people do micro-management of trading as they don’t have any pre-set trading rules. Also, they do not trust the system.

Continuous tracking and too much of screen-time- Screen time is considered a good thing only when the trader knows exactly what he is looking for. You should be able to create a trading routine that works for you:

  • Once a week, preferably on Sunday, you need to analyze the markets and then come up with a trading plan.
  • You should identify the price levels that are critical for the coming week.
  • Then set the price alerts accordingly.
  • You need to wait until the price reaches the pre-determined level without continuously watching the market.

Minimize the errors- Trading is like a game of recognizing patterns. It is quite easy to implement the checklist which you need to go through before going for a potential trade. The checklist will help you in taking better decisions and it will hold you accountable for the decision taken.  It will definitely help you committing fewer errors.

List your priorities- You need to understand your priority. Do you wish to make money quickly or are you planning to invest for a longer period? Do you prefer to take a risk or are you planning for a less- risky investment portfolio? Once you are clear about your priorities, you could take decision accordingly for trading.  You need to focus to achieve the goal.





Looking For A New Credit Card? Check This

Looking For A New Credit Card? Check This

Credit Card is very commonly used in every transaction nowadays because of its easy use. Credit cards can be used on various platforms to do the financial transactions and have many benefits of using them. Though credit card is not the only option when it comes to doing payment in return for services and goods, many traders use the cryptocurrencies for their transactions. They also opt for cryptocurrency robots like QProfit System, click on the link to learn more about it. This article focuses on a few facts you need to watch when doing credit card transactions.

1) Annual Fees: Credit cards charge a predefined annual fee for all the transactions you do with your card. This is an additional fee apart from the interest and other charges. When applying for a new credit card check how much the annual fees are. If you are going to use the credit less frequently, the credit card with less annual fees is the perfect choice for you. Also, if you are applying for the credit card looking at the rewards it is offering, make sure the annual rewards are more compared to the annual fees.

2) Interest Rates: Most of the credit cards offer no interest deals in the initial months making it looks like a loan with no extra charges. But as soon as these initial months are over the credit cards charge a standard interest rate on the transaction that is very high and can be difficult to repay. Before opting for any credit card it is important to understand these interest rates.

3) Check out the rewards: Many credit cards offer different rewards in return for transactions done using the credit cards. When opting for any new credit card it is important to see if these rewards are actually useful. Some credit cards might offer you certain services or products which might not be necessarily useful for you. Credit cards that offer cash back on purchase are the best to choose. Also, when you do transactions using credit cards it is important to check if you are getting the benefit for every transaction or it is applicable to purchase of certain goods and services.

4) Customer Service: When using the credit cards there can be many situations when you are needed to interact with customer service. It is important to choose credit cards that offer high-quality customer service who help you to resolve your financial matters faster.

An Insight Into Futures Trading

An Insight Into Futures Trading

If you are wondering what futures trading is all about and how it functions in the market, then this is definitely your one-stop point for appropriate information.

Understanding Futures Trading

In simple terms, a futures contract is basically an agreement that is done between two main parties, out of which one is the buyer and the other is a vendor. In this type of contract, the buyers agree to purchase the required amount of commodities, shares, and other services from the seller at a specific date and time set in future. The price for buying is also pre-decided and there are no changes done in it later. These contracts can be conveniently traded on exchanges as they have specific expiry dates as well as size. Here, it is not important that the buyer and seller know each other personally or even my face. In addition to this, it also has the feature of being approved and considered legitimate by the stock exchange. This means that the entire procedure is authentic and credible.

Most common futures contracts

Before you start indulging in this type of contract, it is essential for you to know that it is available in two main types. They are:

  • Stock Futures
  • Index Futures

Let us go through their individual characteristics one by one.

  • Stock futures: These types of contracts are basically derivative agreements where the buyer and seller have the right to purchase or sell particular stocks at a pre-decided amount before a date that is fixed before only. After you have purchased this contract, it is important for you to stay committed towards the terms and conditions attached to it. These types of contracts are available for use for a limited time span of 1 to 3 months. A new contract is created upon the expiry of the already existing agreement.


  • Index futures: The index is mainly used to find out the variations in the value of a specific set of stocks at a given time. For this, stocks of similar firms are chosen from one single market or industry. In fact, few indices also signify particular sections or the entire market. This helps the experts to keep a thorough track of the price fluctuations taking place. The time for the contract in this type of futures contracts is similar to that in the stocks type.

So, no matter what kind of business you are indulging in- a straight financial investment like that of QProfit Sytem or the one offered by futures contracts, ensure to understand the terms and conditions first in order to have a fruitful experience. Read the best review of QProfit System online and get instantly convinced on how it can help you in time to come.

Cryptocurrency Trading Related Terms

Cryptocurrency Trading Related Terms

Before you start trading cryptocurrencies you should understand the basic terminology used. This article focuses on a few commonly used terms when trading cryptocurrencies.

1) Exchange: The exchange is a mediator between buyers and sellers. It is a place where you can buy and sell various cryptocurrencies.

2) Fiat currencies: The traditional currencies that are approved and issued by the countries government is called as the fiat currency of the country. The most common example of fiat currency is the US dollar.

3) Whale: Like used generally, Whale is someone who owns a huge amount of cryptocurrencies.

4) Limit Order: When a trader wants to buy or sell a cryptocurrency he places a limit order. Once the cryptocurrency price meets a certain amount the limit order is accepted. The traders use the limit orders to buy and sell in the marketplace.

5) Buy wall and Sell wall: It is a graphical illustration that shows the traders current buy and sells points.

6) Market Order: A normal sale or purchase that takes place on the exchange at the current price is called as a market order. Usually, we buy the cheapest option on the order book and sell at the higher prices.

7) Margin Trading: A risky way of trade using your margin amount. Every experienced trader also finds this way of trading risky. If you want to know about the trading refer this review to read more about QProfit System.

8) Going long: It is a margin trade that gives profit with the price increase.

9) Going short: it is a margin trade that gives profit with the price decrease.

10) Bullish: Expecting an increase in prices.

11) Bearish: Expecting a decrease in prices.

12) Altcoins: Any cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin is known as Altcoins. Usually Ethereum

13) Tokens: They are also currencies that are built on top of the blockchain. They are mostly used as transaction fees on platforms like the Ethereum network. A few examples of the token are:

  • ICN – Iconomi
  • REP – Augur
  • GNT – Golem
  • BAT – Basic Attention Token

14) Shilling/pumping: Marketing another cryptocurrency.

15) Stable coin: A cryptocurrency that shows very low volatility and can be used to trade against the entire market.

16) Arbitrage: Difference in the price of the same financial asset on two different exchanges. Similar to comparing the price of ETH on US exchange against the Korean exchange.

17) FOMO: Its full form is Fear of Missing Out. Every trader often faces this where he is afraid of not entering the market at the right time the market shows a rapid gain.











Quick tips to earn name and money in the market

Entering into a financial market to earn big money is everyone’s dream.  The best thing about the financial market now is that anyone can trade through online and there is vast information available on the internet about the organizations, business, political news, economic reforms and so on.  All the information you needed is available online. You need to have the patience to learn everything from the scratch and be well versed in all the matters that are important to trade in the market.

If you are an experienced trader, still you have to keep yourself up to date with the market conditions, future price change, etc.  It is an ongoing learning process. Only people who wish to keep aside some time can do good justice to trading or else you will end up losing money. In cryptocurrency market, you need not have to worry about the time as it has software’s that will do buying and selling for you and it takes the most accurate decisions. It can evaluate the situation and carry out a transaction if the market is favorable.  Crypto VIP club is one such trusted software that is used by many and you can read about at crypto VIP club review.

Follow the below mentioned quick tips to earn money in the market

  • You need to be prepared to suffer small losses as a newbie to the industry.
  • Keep a stop-loss and follow it religiously.
  • Don’t be discouraged, you need to be persistent to excel in the market.
  • You cannot be an expert in trading in overnight. It takes quite a bit of effort and time.
  • Whenever you begin trading, it is very much crucial to pick the right brokerage firm. Even if you are trading online, you need to choose the trusted online brokerage firm.
  • If you are a beginner, you have to create a cash account and not the margin account.
  • Initially avoid the volatile investment instruments, like options, futures, etc.
  • You need to concentrate mainly on high-quality stocks.
  • Never take a decision based on your emotions. And you should keep in mind not to get emotionally attached to the stocks or the instruments.
  • Always conduct a post-analysis of your trade once the transaction is completed so that it will help you to learn from the mistakes and successes.
  • You should not listen to the personal opinions and viewpoints of your friends, neighbors, etc. Take a decision based on your study and research.






The very thought of investment hits a person when he is done with all his financial commitments and when he feels that he has some money in hand that can be used for something like this. Investments and investing ideas are probably one of the best ways in which you can try saving some money for your future and family`s happiness for there is going to be a constant income in hand that is rotational keeping the initial investment the same. But this is not something very simple and easy for all and especially for the newcomers in such financial decisions as they need guidance and support. They need advice, a sort of back up for some source guiding them well in such decisions. By this, we do not mean to scare the beginners but is just a caution so that they start with a precaution.

Now this website, this blog has come up with some simple ideas and tips that can actually make this step a little relaxed and people, when they decide to follow this would definitely end up making a good investment though not a profitable one.

Tips for investments- beginners

  • You have a lump sum in your hand and you invest it in a single window. Do you think this is a good option, a profitable and sensible one? no, atleast for the beginners who are very new to assess the risks hidden in every single asset that gets traded here in this field. So it is always an advisable option to diversify the investment options and this is the best, safe
  • Generally, the beginners who are new to this field try to gather as much information as possible before they make an entry. But all these are generally the book knowledge they would have gathered. The real test happens only after they place their first steps here. It is only now that there would be too many questions pooling their mind. This is in a way good and is expected from the novice traders. It is these questions that would give them a clarity about this field and hence it is mandatory that every trader gets this literacy before he begins his journey here.
  • Along with the above two, it is also essential for a trader to get all his ideas and strategies rated and checked by a financial advisor for they would be placed better to check them. Getting things inspected by them would only add value and worth to an investment.

Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology is the latest addition to the technological inventions, that the world is looking up to. Do you know all about this latest technology that is the backbone of the currency that is virtual in nature and getting so popular and going high in value in a short span of time?

If you know then that’s a great move, you are being updated on the science front. If not, then you are among those who fear losses, even before you know it. Well, there is a saying, that fear conquers the greed and doesn’t let you grow!! So, if you are looking for growth, let the fear die, or take a step down.

The blockchain is called so because the way it works is like adding up blocks at every step. The basic access to any cryptocurrency is through mining and gaining the reward. ‘mining’ is a term used to gain access to the virtual money, where the miner (person willing to access) solves a complex computer problem, just like our mathematical puzzle and the miner will add a block to the ledger to leave a chain built. This is a chain that no individual can directly gain access to and manipulate eth blocks and currencies. This whole technological protection system is known as ‘proof of work’ system.

The ledger in which the details of the miners have currencies are stored in an encrypted format, makes a note of the everything related to a currency. This was the scenario in the earlier years when this mining was the only way to gain access to the virtual money.

But, now things have changed, you can ‘buy’ cryptocurrencies and trade with them, using different payment modes, like credit cards, physical money and others; though they are expensive options. The good thing about this currency is that the transaction fees are very low. They are easily transferred and transacted.

To deal with these currencies, there are 3 phases that a coin enters:

  • Ledger
  • Transaction
  • Wallet

Once the coin enters a wallet, it stays there until it’s been transferred or redeemed or exchanged for any other purpose. There are many brokers who deal with trading using these virtual currencies and have been here over the years. But, not all are worth your money, only a few are good, like the bitcoin code, Ethereum code and few more. You can learn even more here about various platforms and brokers who suit your need.


OS X Strategy revealed – WWDC (1998)

5 days after introducing the iMac, Steve attempts to convince developers that the OS X transition won’t hurt much.

02:00. Update on Apple
07:20. Product review incl. new PowerBook G3 ad at 12:20
18:21. iMac
24:00. iMac promo video featuring Jonathan Ive WITH hair at 24:37!!
28:35. QuickTime
40:15. Funny QuickTime demo (Steve TV)
44:26. JAVA
47:43. Mac OS X strategy
1:01:15. Carbon demo with Avi Tevanian
1:10:53. Developers (Microsoft, Macromedia, Adobe)
1:26:49. Closure

Trading using auto trading software is not easy. At the end you are trusting the software with all your trading money. It is thus important that you take out time and understand how the computer system works and that it executes the trade orders based on your trading style and your risk taking capacity.

If the software is damaged then it could lead to a big loss in your account. You need to take care of some basic things before you decide to trust robotic trading software.

Backtest the algorithm

Backtesting is basically where the software is used to test its strategy on historic data. The backtest method shows how the strategy would have performed and if it would have been capable of generating profits. You need good backtesting software to try out the auto trading system that you use.

Programming language that is used

Which program the software is written in is also very crucial. There are many computer languages and each has its own pros and cons. The most common programing language used are C#,C++,Python, Java and Matlab.

The technical indicators that the software uses

There are close to hundreds of technical indicators that are used and this lets the trader decide on which stock to buy or sell and where to enter or exit a trade. There are directional indicators, indictors to let you judge the trend of the current market etc. Robotic trading software uses these indicators to take trading decisions and thus you should be aware of which indicators are used.

How complex is the algorithm

The trading software could vary a lot on how easy it is to use them. Some would require you to have programing expertise while others would just want you to click and take trades. Make sure that you decide on SnapCash Binary or any other trading software based on what your comfort level is. You could ask the trading community to understand which software works in which manner.

Date: May 11, 1998
Location: Moscone Center, San Francisco
Steve was 43 years old.

Original iPod introduction – Apple Special Event (2001)

Landmark event in which Steve Jobs introduced the original iPod, spearheading a new era in consumer electronic.

Trading is easy if you know the right way of trading. It all depends on how the trader takes this field. It is different for different traders and everybody has their own point of view about this field and it is this that leads to the different trading experiences of different traders. There are few very easy and usual ways of trading that when taken up would definitely help a trader in achieving success here. Get the full report here.

  • The classic and the very oldest way of trading is to start slow and proceed steadily. Being hasty and curious here is very usual and common here for all traders who come here for the first time tend to be very anxious in making some money. And it is this swift movements and decisions in this field that would sometimes lead to crashes here. There is actually no hurry when comes to trading for there are going to be opportunities present all the time and the traders can with patience and calmness take up trading here without making any simple and silly mistakes. Investments in blue-chip stocks would help a trader with good returns and he would also be able to have a stable income from such trading experiences.
  • The other way of trading is where traders would wait for the other traders to leave the market. It is not necessary that all traders have to have their trades here in this trading field when there are all buying options. But a few would also take up this field when the other is actually getting off from here and believe it or not at such times, there have been situations when traders were able to make huge profits. This is what and why we say that every trader has his own way of trading and that he has his own ways of designing trading strategies and plans.

So what is your trading strategy? What are your trading plans for today? Be the first to hit the market with something new.

Keynote Summary
00:00. Digital Hub strategy & demo (iMove, iDVD, iTunes, image capture)
12:00. State of digital music
14:35. iPod specifications
20:45. iPod unveiling
24:07. iPod demo
29:02. iTunes & auto-sync demo
40:36. iPod video
48:12. iPod TV ad

The tagline of the Event invitation read “Hint: It’s not a Mac.”

Date: October 23, 2001
Location: Apple Town Hall, Cupertino
Steve was 46 years old.

Cryptocurrencies right now

The world is going gaga over bitcoins, Ethereum, Dash and few more cryptocurrencies right now. But, not everything is in its favour and not all are against it! The welcome that bitcoin is receiving is tremendous compared to any other technological invention and at the same time, people are paranoid about it.

The digital currency is one and first of its kind and has too many myths and rumours surrounding it. Though it takes a while to break the myth, people who are interested should take up the decision seriously and start digging at it, with the confidence that the coin will give you required profit, in a short span of time; say 2-3 years.

Here are a few common misconceptions, the mental battle that any common man would face, and we have tried to solve them clearly for you.

Will the government intervene and accept the currency as legal?

Well, the cryptocurrency is currently independent and that is bringing a lot of people to it. The freedom its enjoying, without having any governing authority to question, only an association to watch its movement, the currency is gaining more power.

In the coming years, the government might start accepting the currency as legal tender, just like others. In fact, many nations have already accept4ed it as legal, and remaining few are considering it. The main point to note here is that when the currency becomes so powerful that irrespective of the government accepted, people are buying and supporting it; will surely push the governments to make it a legal tender.

They are highly volatile, is it safe to invest?       

Well, yes!! It’s exactly like any of your entity on the stock market, and stock markets too are volatile and were volatile many decades before too; didn’t people invest and create a better future?

The answer lies within you; if you want to grow, you need to take qualitative, calculated risks and put your full effort into it. Though it might be volatile more in trading segments, the contracts that are available are good for long-term investment. There are many platforms and Bitcoin Loophole is one among the few best!

Is there any daily real case of cryptocurrency usage?

Yes!!! Many platforms have started accepting cryptocurrency as their legal tender and are encouraging others to do it. The main reason is that the digital currency has more benefits than demerits.

The low transaction cost, easy access, tough security in accessing others coins, encrypted mode of saving in the wallet and highly appreciating value are few among the many benefits that the currency is giving.