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Steve Jobs 1st reappearance on stage – Macworld SF (1997)

Gil Amelio, Apple’s CEO, botched the whole event, effectively ruining Steve Jobs’ comeback moment. Steve was consultant at the time.

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00:00. Future of Mac OS (Gil Amelio)
07:00. OPENStep / Yellow box (Steve Jobs)
20:50. Demo (Steve Jobs) Read More

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The Microsoft Deal – Macworld Boston (1997)

Historic Keynote. Steve Jobs announces a partnership with Microsoft and hinted to the Think Different campaign.

05:40. Status Report
10:37. New Board of Directors
18:49. Target markets & core assets Read More

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Apple Online Store introduction – Macworld SF (1998)

Rare footage of MacWorld SF where iCEO Steve Jobs brings no new products… but that Apple is starting its resurgence.

00:00. Updates on Apple
05:45. Apple Store within a Store
09:10. Apple (online) Store Read More

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OS 8.5 preview – Macworld NY (1998)

Steve didn’t announce anything new at MacWorld NY rehashing most of WWDC’s content.

06:46. Update on Apple aka Apple hierarchy of skepticism
22:37. Updates on iMac
34:05. iMac promo video feat. Jonathan Ive WITH hair (34:42) Read More

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Rainbow iMac & Power Mac G3 introduction – Macworld SF (1999)

GREAT Keynote. Steve Jobs introduced a redesigned Power Mac G3, colored iMacs, FireWire and Mac OS X Server.

04:24. HAL 9000 ad
05:30. iCEO
07:35. Power Mac G3 demo with Phil Schiller Read More

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Steve Jobs keynote – Macworld Tokyo (1999)

Macworld Tokyo was basically a rewrite of Macworld San Francisco’s keynote six weeks earlier.

1:51: Power Mac G3
15:16. FireWire
27:23. Back to Power Mac G3
30:45. Power Mac G3 video
35:06. iMac & colored iMacs
43:30. New Microsoft software with Ben Waldman
57:40. Games & Grand Turismo demo
1:05:20. Mac OS X Server
1:09:45. Apple (online) Store opens in Japan
1:10:15. FAIL: Demo where 50 iMacs fail to run from Mac OS X server…

Date: February 21, 1999
Location: Makuhari Messe, Tokyo
Steve Jobs was 43 years old.

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Original iBook, AirPort & HALO introduction – Macworld NY (1999)

Say hello to Apple’s newest laptop, a candy-colored clamshell book with an handle and wireless networking.

00:00. Noah Wyle, star of “Pirates of Silicon Valley” impersonates Steve
03:08. Update on Apple
07:18. QuickTime TV & demo

Steve Jobs NeXT presentation in San Francisco (1990)

Keynote excerpt where Steve Jobs introduces new products and showcases his vision of the future “interpersonal computing”.

03:40. New NeXTstation, NeXTcube
06:15. Apps
08:36. NeXTSTEP Demo

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Bitcoin is very new

Bitcoin got released in the year 2009 but it came to highlight in the year 2017 because of the huge jump in its value. The technology of the cryptocurrency is not very straightforward and also something that most of them do not understand and this is the reason why most of the traders just speculate and do not understand this asset class.

Also Bitcoin is owned by a very small group of people and this means that they could decide to push it in huge quantities into the market and increase its value.

The price is also dependent on how the countries would adopt it. If a country thinks about testing it then the price of Bitcoin would rise. If in a few seconds another country decides to drop it then the price could tank down.

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Bitcoin is different and it works on the block chain technology. It is different from the way most commodities and currencies are traded and this creates lots of instability in this currency.

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11:20. Interpersonal Computing & demo
14:05. NeXTfax
15:22. Color & demo
16:58. NeXTdimension

Date: September 18, 1990
Location: Louise M. Davis Symphony Hall, San Francisco
Steve was 35 years old.