Steve Jobs first TV appearance (1978)

This is the very first known video footage of Steve Jobs. He’s preparing for one of his first TV interviews for the KGO-TV channel (ABC), in San Francisco. 

Sporting large glasses, a mop of black hair and a beard, Steve can hardly hide his excitement. He looks at himself in a studio camera and brushes his hair back, saying: “God, look at that. Look – I’m on TV. Hey! It is amazing.”

Little does he know that the interview will be broadcasted also in New York. When he learns the news, he becomes more excited and nervous. He’ll finally ask for the restroom because “I’m deathly ill and ready to throw up at any moment. I’m not joking.”

Apple IIThe reason for the TV interview is not mentioned. Apple released the Apple II a year earlier in 1977. Their next model, the Apple II Plus, would launch in 1979. We can rule out a product launch.

It could be that following the success of the Apple II, Steve Jobs was starting to become the poster boy of the computer revolution and that deserved air time!

Steve was (just) 23 years old.