Steve Jobs in Apple internal video “BlueBusters” (1984)

At the opening of Apple’s Annual Sales Conference in 1984, Steve Jobs showed this quirky video spoof of Ghostbusters.

It was the year of Ghostbusters, and Steve thought it would be cool to do a parody of the song and produce a video where Apple vanquished the forces of IBM. It was clear that the metaphor of Apple as the liberator of the office worker made famous with the “1984” commercial ran deep in the company. Later during that event, Steve would show another anti-IBM video called “1944”.

Bluebusters parodyApple’s “1944” and “Bluebusters” videos demonstrate the company’s commitment to taking on IBM in the corporate world, an effort that saw Apple making forays into printers and other peripherals in an attempt to gain a foothold with businesses.

If you’re wondering my is strapped behing Steve’s back, it’s an Apple II.

BlueBusters Cameo

01:15. John Sculley
02:21. Steve Wozniak
03:01. Steve Jobs
04:04. Steve Jobs

Date: October 1984
Location: Hilton Hawaiian Village, Hawaii
Steve was 29 years old.

Note: Audio track muted due to copyright. Soundtrack: “Ghostbusters” by Ray Parker Jr.
Soundtrack: “Ghostbusters” by Ray Parker Jr.

About the Video

This video was made available by Craig Elliot, ex-Apple reseller and ex-employee . You can watch Craig’s Bloomberg TV interview on the subject:

Here’s also a comment of someone who attended the event:

I was at this presentation in HI in 1984. Today’s techno heads keep referring to this as an internal ad. It was not. Blue Busters (sic) was a live presentation with live dancers and a 35mm synced slide show (using multiple projectors) presentation for the kick off of the Oct. 1984 International Sales Meeting at the Hilton Hi Village. I know this is ancient technology before Powerpoint etc. But is was state of the art then. This was taped for later use as what you see here.


Sigourney Weaver - Ghostbusters
“Yes, I am the Keymaster”

And let’s not forget Ghostbuster, one of my favorite movie. I must have watched it fifty times with my best buddy!

By now, it has achieved cult status of for good reasons. Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd are at their best – and who can forget Sigourney Weaver? In Alien she kicked ass, but in Ghostbusters she was something else…

If nostalgia just hit you – here’s Ghostbusters 1984 trailer