Steve Jobs and Jonathan Ive on Design (2002)

Steve Jobs and Jonathan Ive talk about design in this short internal video which followed the launch of the Sunflower iMac. You’ll notice that Apple was pretty deep into its White Product Design Era.

Apple’s White Design Era

It all started with the launch of the redesigned iMac ‘Snow’ at Macworld NY 2000. Less than a year later, Apple completely changed the look of the iBook line with the White iBook (watch the keynote). And then, in late 2001, the original iPod officially made white a cool colour). The ‘Sunflower’ iMac was next in 2002 to get the white treatment.

Apple White Product Design Era

A fun way to see the trend is to look at the TV ads of the time:

The White designs lasted a few years and were replaced by a new Era that is still in fashion to date, the Brushed Metal.

Apple’s Brushed Metal Design Era

iPod miniAccording to Wikipedia, we can thank QuickTime Player 4 (1999) for the emergence of the Brushed Metal look.

But it’s in 2004, with the iPod mini, that Apple started to push Brush Metal into their physical products. Once Apple got hold of the manufacturing process of aluminium, it made the switch to most of it’s hardware products in 2007. And that’s a good thing. I love my aluminium MacBook Pro!

While we’re on the subject of design, let me throw-in a quote from Steve Jobs:

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

Steve Jobs.

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So, white or brushed metal?