Steve Jobs “One more thing…” complete compilation (1999-2011)

Steve Jobs keynotes were often punctuated by memorable “One more things…” moments in a manner similar to Peter Falk’s Columbo character. Steve typically feigned some concluding remarks, turned as if to make a false exit from the stage, then turned back to say “but there’s one more thing”. Steve must have love it so much since he used it 31 times during his tenure at Apple!

1999 MacWorld SF: iMacs in colors
1999 Macworld NY: AirPort WiFi
1999 Seybold: “22″ Apple Cinema Display
1999 Special Event: iMac DV
1999 Special Event: iMac DV Special Edition
2000 Macworld SF: “Steve drops the “i” in iCEO
2000 Macworld NY: G4 Cube
2001 Macworld SF: PowerBook G4
2002 Macworld NY: 17-inch iMac G4
2002 Macworld NY: iPod for Windows
2003 Macworld: 12-inch Aluminum PowerBook G4
2003 WWDC: Power Mac G5
2003 Paris Expo: Wireless mouse & Keyboard

There are various factors that could affect the value of Bitcoin. There was a lot of speculation that the Bitcoin prices would crash but nothing like that happened. In fact it only soared to greater heights. This is a phenomenon that traders have never seen in the past. It could happen that Bitcoin goes up even higher and be totally uncontrollable.

Knowing the factors that could affect this cryptocurrency could let you participate in this market too.

The supply and demand of Bitcoin

Every commodity is based on this principle of supply and demand, visit the following site, and Bitcoin is not left behind. The gold prices are determined by the cost of mining. Similarly the Bitcoin prices are influenced by the need to solve some equations and this is also called mining. This is the supply of the cryptocurrency.

The other factor is the demand for Bitcoin. This relates to what trust the traders have on this cryptocurrency and also how popular it is. If the demand of the cryptocurrency is very high among the traders but supply is unable to match it then this could cause the price of Bitcoin to go up. The supply of this cryptocurrency is controlled and cannot go over 21 million and thus it is assumed that the price of Bitcoin will only keep moving upwards for at least some time in the future.

2004 Macworld: iPod Mini in color
2004 Special Event: Special U2 iPod
2005 Macworld: iPod Shuffle
2005 “One more thing…” Event: TV Shows on iTunes
2006 Macworld: MacBook Pro
2006 “It’s ShowTime event”: Movies on iTunes Store
2006 “It’s ShowTime event”: iTV (later renamed Apple TV)
2006 “It’s ShowTime event”: Live performance by John Legend
2007 WWDC: Safari for Windows
2007 Web App for iPhone
2007 Special Event: iTunes WiFi Music Store
2008 iPhone Software Roadmap event: $100M iFund
2008 Special Event: Aluminum Unibody MacBook
2009 Apple Music Event: iPod Nano with video camera
2010 WWDC: FaceTime
2010 Apple Music Event: Apple TV (2nd gen)
2010 “Back to Mac” event: New MacBook Air
2011 WWDC: iTunes Match