Steve Jobs speaks at the Academy of Achievement (1982) AUDIO

Short but inspiring speech by Steve Jobs to students at the Academy of Achievement. Two things sticks out to me:

1. At the beginning, Steve doesn’t shy away trying to met a bright guy in the audience named Erik – probably to recruit him for Apple. Gutsy move, well done.

2. Steve also shows another, darker side of his personality. Near the end, he mentions anticipating to have kids one day and wanting to help them become sane human beings. The thing is, Steve already had a child, Lisa who was 3-4 years old! His reluctance to accept paternity is well documented but it’s still shocking to hear it.

Speech Summary

00:55. Intelligence
02:00. Experiences
03:54. Your contribution to the world (also watch this Steve Jobs video about the Secrets of Life)
05:20. Responsibility towards the next generation

Date: June 26, 1982
Steve Jobs was 27 years old.

The Academy of Achievement

The Academy of Achievement is a United States-based non-profit organization that aims to bring students face-to-face with high profile, successful people from various fields and inspire them to succeed.

Notable recipients of the award include Barack Obama, Jonas Salk, Wole Soyinka, Ronald Reagan, Maya Angelou, Desmond Tutu and of course Steve Jobs.


Mickey Mouse in The Sorcerers Apprentice
Artist rendition of Mickey Mouse in The Sorcerers Apprentice (Fantasia 1940)

Steve Jobs jokingly mentioned Walt Disney coming up with the idea of Fantasia while on a LSD trip. Not sure if that’s true or Urban Legend. Fantasia is an amazing film and one of my children favorite. Here’s my son’s favorite clip “Night on Bald Mountain”