Steve Jobs TV interview about Apple’s arrival in Ireland (1980)

Vintage footage of Steve Jobs interviewed by the TV channel – RTE in Ireland. Apple just opened a factory in Cork and captivated the national interest. An American company settling down in Ireland was always something major.

It is very interesting to note that the people in Ireland getting the privilege to use the iPhone and enjoy the essence of technology in this sleek model. While browsing through the Bitcoin code review we can find how the smartphone technology has made the Bitcoin a grand success.

On a lighter note, watch Steve bragging about Apple having a computer in the upcoming Space Shuttle mission 🙂

Apple in Ireland

Steve Jobs visit in Cork
An employee demonstrating how a test station for disk drives operates to Steve Jobs, at the firm’s plant in Hollyhill when it opened in 1980.
Article about Apple in Ireland
Newspaper article from December 30, 1980 about the avent of personal computers in the homes… and kitchens.
Apple France in visit in Cork
Staff of Apple France visiting Cork, Ireland (1980)
Apple office in Cork
Apple office in Cork, Ireland (Present)

A history of Apple in Cork (Ireland)

  • October 1980: Apple establish a purpose-built 44,000-square-foot factory in Hollyhill employing 19 people.
  • 1981: Just 12 months later, The workforce increases to 170 people with the plant doubling in size to 88,000 square feet.
  • 1982: Apple opens 30,000-square- foot plant in Millstreet creating 200 new jobs producing keyboards.
  • June 1985: Apple announces closure of its factory in Millstreet with the loss of the final 80 jobs.
  • October 1985: Apple celebrates its fifth anniversary at Hollyhill, employing 230.
  • November 1988: Hollyhill plant grows to 140,000-square-foot employing 500 people.
  • June 1989: Cork beats competition from Paris to secure a major IR£48m expansion, making Hollyhill the single largest manufacturing facility in the country, employing 950.
  • October 1990: On its 10th anniversary, Apple announces a further expansion, increasing the plant to 340,000-square foot creating a further 150 jobs bringing staff levels to more than 1,000. Outside the staff located at Hollyhill, an estimated 4,000 more workers benefit from the company’s operations in Cork.
  • May 1992: In the first major setback for the company, Apple shifts production of circuit boards to Singapore resulting in 400 job losses.
  • November 1995: Following years of steady expansion, staff levels at Hollyhill stand at 1,500 people. The company announces another major expansion bringing an extra 600 people to the plant.
  • 1997: Despite a corporate revamp, the company struggles in the face of competition from Microsoft.
  • However the return of original company founder Steve Jobs revives its fortunes. His first product, the iMac computer, manufactured in Cork, is a major seller.
  • February 1999: Production of iMac moves to Wales, leaving just 500 staff at Hollyhill amid fears the company will pull out completely.
  • 2000: Hollyhill plant transformed from a manufacturing centre to a service based one, saving hundreds of jobs. Fortunes of Apple improves internationally with the phenomenal success of the iPod, iPhone and iPad.
  • May 2010: Apple Computers overtakes Microsoft as the world’s largest technology company by market share. The Hollyhill facility employs more than 2,000 staff in a variety of roles.
  • April 2012: Apple, who now employ 2,800 people at Hollyhill announce plans to expand their facility and employ a further 500 people over the next 18 months.