Steve Jobs TV interview about Silicon Valley (1982)

Short appearance of Steve Jobs in a TV newscast or documentary excerpt about the emergence of Silicon Valley in the early 80′s. Already back then, Steve knew pretty much how the game was played. 

Jobs touches on an particular aspect of Silicon Valley in which failure is not refrained upon as long as you learn from your mistakes. Steve would elaborate on failure, and the fear of it, an interview ten years later (watch Steve Jobs on failure).

Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley around San Jose

Silicon Valley around San Jose (Bottom right) and San Francisco (Top left)

Silicon Valley is this sort of mythical place for tech/gadget enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. The place where technology had a complete revolution. The people get to find many of their favorite tech gadgets and find which will suit them. It is also like original and copyright versions. Also the name “silicon valley” itself speaks the greatness of this place.Visit the following link to know more for yourself. Many tour the area during their holidays looking for headquarters of their favorite companies. It’s a pretty unique place.

Valley refers to the Santa Clara Valley, located at the southern end of San Francisco Bay, while Silicon refers to the high concentration of companies involved in the making of semiconductors and computer industries that were concentrated in the area. These firms slowly replaced the orchards fields that Steve Jobs frequently mentioned playing in when younger.

Thousands of high tech companies are headquartered in Silicon Valley. Here are just a few: Adobe,  AMD,  Apple,  Cisco, eBay, Facebook, Google, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, Nvidia, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, and Yahoo!

Steve Jobs Garage – Apple’s first HQ

Steve Jobs Garage - Apple first HQ

The Jobs Garage – Apple first HQ (2066 Crist Drive, Los Altos, CA 94024)

In the footage at at 00.11 we can see Steve Jobs’ parents garage – in probably one of the first time it can be seen on filmed. Funny enough, according to Steve Wozniak, Steve Job’s bedroom is were Apple started – not the garage 🙂

But it’s in this garage that Jobs and Wozniak put together the boards of the big 50 Apple I order from Byte Shop in 1976. The Apple I sold for $666.66 and really got them started. They had to hire neighborhood kids for help (including Steve’s sister Patti) to keep up with the demand.

Steve in Apple's Garage

Steve working late on the Apple I. But which Steve?

  • Garage Address: 2066 Crist Drive, Los Altos, CA  94024 (See on Google Maps)

Ever visited Silicon Valley?