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Apple’s 10 most important keynote announcements of all time

Over the past 30 years, many great things came out of Cupertino and most of them were introduced with fanfare by Steve Jobs. But which announcements were the most important? Which ones shook the world?

I did my research and created a video showing Apple’s Top 10 keynote announcements in all their glory. I couldn’t decide which one was more important, so I’ve listed them in chronological order.

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Apple Online Store introduction – Macworld SF (1998)

Rare footage of MacWorld SF where iCEO Steve Jobs brings no new products… but that Apple is starting its resurgence.

00:00. Updates on Apple
05:45. Apple Store within a Store
09:10. Apple (online) Store Read More


Steve Jobs TV interview 5th Ave. Apple Store opening (2006)


Steve Jobs TV interview about 5th avenue 24/hrs Apple Store (2006)


Steve Jobs refuses to sign an autograph to man in wheelchair (2006)

At the grand opening (re-opening) of the 5th avenue apple store in New York, a man in a wheelchair came up to Steve Jobs and asked for his autograph. Jobs refused even at the insistence of the man. Finally the man told him that he had spent 25 hours on an airplane to get there and Jobs caved in. The man had Jobs sign an original copy of a Macworld issue with Steve Jobs on the cover debuting the original macintosh.

Steve was 51 years old.


Steve Jobs & wife at Apple Store for iPhone Launch (2007)

Amateur footage of Steve Jobs and his wife, Laurene Powell Jobs, at an Apple Store during the launch of the original iPhone.

Date: June 27, 2007
Steve was 51 years old


Steve Jobs discusses iPad with Walt Mossberg (2010)

Not long after the iPad introduction keynote, Steve Jobs answered Walt Mossberg’s questions about the iPad.

Date: January 27, 2010
Location: Apple Store, San Francisco
Steve was 54 years old.