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Original iPod introduction – Apple Special Event (2001)

Landmark event in which Steve Jobs introduced the original iPod, spearheading a new era in consumer electronic. Read More


iTunes & PowerBook G4 Titanium introduction – Macworld SF (2001)

Steve Jobs starts Apple’s digital hub era with the introduction of iTunes and iDVD. Read More


Psychedelic iMacs introduction – Macworld Tokyo (2001)

In mostly a rehash of Macworld SF ’01, ‘Business Suit’ Steve did show something new, psychedelic iMacs.

00:45. OS X overview & demo
16:00. Maya demo
22:45. PowerBook G4 Titanium overview & ad Read More


White iBook introduction – Apple Special Event (2001)

Say goodbye to colorful iBooks. Steve Jobs introduced a totally redesigned, white iBook at a Special Apple Event. Sales of the clamshell iBooks had been disappointing lately. Unit shipments of iBooks were down 52 percent in the first three months of 2001 compared with the same period the year before. It was time for a change. Read More


Sunflower iMac & iPhoto introduction – Macworld SF (2002)

Macworld San Francisco was an entertaining keynote and worth the watch. Steve Jobs introduced a totally new design for the iMac (Sunflower iMac), updated the iBook and introduced a new application for its digital hub strategy: iPhoto (version 1.0). Read More


Digital Hub demo – Macworld Tokyo excerpt (2002)

Steve Jobs showcases Apple’s Digital Hub to Nippon Mac fans.

00:00. Digital Hub demo
06:24. Sunflower iMac & TV ad Read More


Steve Jobs keynote – Apple Paris Expo (2002)

In a rehash of Macworld NY, Steve Jobs showed OS X Jaguar in details. Read More