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Steve Jobs in the first promo video for the Macintosh (1983)

For the launch of the Macintosh, this promo video entitled “Apple Presents a Revolutionary Idea: Macintosh“ was created to evangelize the product to Apple’s staff, dealer channel and sales force.

At the time, the Apple II was Apple’s cash cow and many saw the Macintosh as an expensive toy – even at Apple! There was a lot of education to be done and there’s nothing better to convince than a video. Read More


Steve Jobs hosts the Macintosh Dating Game at the Macintosh pre-launch event (1983)

Steve Jobs likes to think different. During Apple’s Annual Sales Conference in October 1983, the same event where the “1984” ad was first revealed, he presented key Macintosh developers in a funny and original way based on the famous TV show of the time – The Dating Game. Read More