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Steve Jobs NeXT presentation in San Francisco (1990)

Keynote excerpt where Steve Jobs introduces new products and showcases his vision of the future “interpersonal computing”.

03:40. New NeXTstation, NeXTcube
06:15. Apps
08:36. NeXTSTEP Demo Read More


Steve Jobs demos NeXT Interpersonal Computing (1990)

Steve Jobs demos NeXTSTEP and interpersonal computing in a NeXT promo video.

01:15. Mail
11:58. File system & search
18:30. Custom build apps Read More


Steve Jobs presents NeXT’s vision in Tokyo (1990)

Excerpt of Steve Jobs NeXT keynote presentation in Japan.

00:00. NeXT Hardware Architecture
05:39. Hardware overview
07:32. Interface builder Read More


Steve Jobs talks marketing strategy in a internal NeXT video (1991)

Steve Jobs recorded this first of many ‘Chalk Talk” video targeted at NeXT’s internal marketing/sales staff. Read More