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iPhone 3G & MobileMe introduction – WWDC (2008)

In a totally mobile oriented keynote, Steve Jobs introduced iPhone 3G and unveiled iPhone OS 2.0 & MobileMe. Read More


iOS 4 & iAds preview – Apple Special Event (2010)

With the iPhone in the hands of millions of people, Steve Jobs previews iOS 4 and Apple’s new advertising platform for iDevices: iAd. Read More


iPhone 4 & FaceTime introduction – WWDC (2010)

A Steve Jobs full of energy introduces iPhone 4, Retina display & FaceTime. Read More


Apple TV 2 & Ping introduction – Apple Special Event (2010)

In an event full of incremental updates, Steve Jobs unveiled a new iPod line-up, new Apple TV model, new iTunes, new iOS version and the infamous, and short lived Ping. Read More


iPad 2 introduction – Apple Special Event (2011)

Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad 2, Smart covers and iPad apps in this all-about-iPad event. Read More


iCloud & iOS 5 introduction – WWDC (2011)

In his what was his very last keynote, Steve Jobs introduced the glue to stick all Apple devices together, iCloud. OS X Lion and iOS 5 where also previewed at the event. Read More