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Apple’s 10 most important keynote announcements of all time

Over the past 30 years, many great things came out of Cupertino and most of them were introduced with fanfare by Steve Jobs. But which announcements were the most important? Which ones shook the world?

I did my research and created a video showing Apple’s Top 10 keynote announcements in all their glory. I couldn’t decide which one was more important, so I’ve listed them in chronological order.

Can you guess which they are? Read More


All Things D3 – Steve Jobs previews podcasting (2005)

During this interesting interview at All Things D3, Steve Jobs unveiled the new podcasting feature in the upcoming iTunes 4.9 and provided interesting insights about Pixar.

Steve also dismissed to notion of having videos capability on the iPod, less than five month later, Apple would introduce the iPod with video :) He would also be pressed by Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher to talk about Apple’s plan for a phone, to which he wouldn’t bulge. Luckily, Apple was at the time working on an iPhone but Steve wasn’t the one to leak information so easily. Read More


Original iPhone introduction – Macworld SF (2007)

Steve Jobs masterfully choreographed introduction of iPhone is the biggest event in consumer electronic’s history. Read More


Steve Jobs TV interview about iPhone (2007)

Date: January 9, 2007
Steve was 51 years old.


All Things D5 – Steve Jobs talks iPhone (2007)

Steve Jobs talks about the soon to be released iPhone and previews YouTube on Apple TV.


00:00. Apple Inc.
02:14. Mac business
05:40. iPod
07:00. iPhone & mobile industry
11:46. Digital music
17:40. iPhone (keyboard, Why copycats won’t catchup, OS X)
26:01. Apple TV & YouTube demo
39:10. iTunes on Windows “Glass of ice water in Hell”
41:20. Video on potable devices
45:00. Q&A

Date: May 30, 2007
Location: Carlsblad, California
Steve was 52 years old. More Insanely Great Videos & Info at http://everystevejobsvideo.com


iPhone Web Apps & Safari for Windows introduction – WWDC (2007)

In a rehash of last year’s WWDC, Steve Jobs previewed again Leopard and introduced web apps for iPhone & Safari for Windows. Read More


Original MacBook Air & Time Capsule introduction – Macworld SF (2008)

Steve Jobs announced the demise of the DVD by unveiling the DVD-less and world’s smallest notebook, the MacBook Air, and movie rentals on Apple TV. Read More