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Sunflower iMac & iPhoto introduction – Macworld SF (2002)

Macworld San Francisco was an entertaining keynote and worth the watch. Steve Jobs introduced a totally new design for the iMac (Sunflower iMac), updated the iBook and introduced a new application for its digital hub strategy: iPhoto (version 1.0). Read More


12″-17″ PowerBooks, iLife & Safari introduction – Macworld SF (2003)

Major keynote where Steve Jobs introduced new PowerBooks, Airport Extreme, FireWire 800, Safari, Keynote, Final Cut Express & iLife.

01:06. Update on Apple
13:02. OS X apps & ProTools demo
19:28, Final Cut Express introduction & demo
25:38. Digital Hub update & demo (iPhoto 2, iMovie 3, iDVD 3). Now named iLife.
54:55. Safari introduction & demo
1:08:43. Keynote introduction & demo
1:26:05. 17-inch aluminium PowerBook introduction
1:42:27. ONE MORE THING… 12-inch PowerBook introduction
1:47:00. Aluminium PowerBooks video
1:55:02. Aluminium PowerBooksTV ads

Date: January 7, 2003
Location: Moscone Convention Center, San Francisco
Steve was 47 years old.
The keynote was streamed live


iPod mini & GarageBand introduction – Macworld SF (2004)

This uneventful keynote was saved once Steve Jobs introduced iPod mini after unveiling iLife ’04 & Garageband.

00:00. Macintosh is 20 years & remastered 1984 ad
06:15. Update on OS X & apps demo (Final Cut Express 2, Office 2004)
25:15. Virginia Tech G5 Super Computer & video Read More


iPod Shuffle & Mac Mini introduction – Macworld SF (2005)

Fulfilling keynote in which Steve Jobs introduced interesting new hardware and software. Read More


Original MacBook Pro introduction – Macworld SF (2006)

The switch to Intel has started, Steve Jobs introduced the first Intel products: MacBook Pro & iMac. Read More


Aluminium iMac, iLife ’08 & Numbers intro – Apple Special Event (2007)

Steve Jobs introduced the perennial design of the iMac with an aluminium enclosure, the amazing iMovie ’08 and Numbers. Read More


OS X Lion preview & MacBook Air refresh – Apple Special Event (2010)

Steve Jobs unveiled a plethora of new stuff such as iLife ’11, OS X Lion, the Mac App Store and one more thing… new MacBook Airs. Read More