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This Day in History: Steve Jobs introduces the iPod Hi-Fi (Feb. 28, 2006)

Welcome to “This Day in History” series. A collection of article which looks at past events that happened on this day.

For the series opening, we’ll look at the 8th anniversary of the iPod Hi-Fi unveiling… the what you say? Indeed, not many people know about this short-lived product and some Apple fans might have forgotten all about it. iPod Hi-Fi is one of the failed products that even Steve Jobs Reality Distortion Field wasn’t strong enough to convince you to spend big bucks to own one. After it’s introduction it was never heard of again and faded away in silence. Read More


iPod Hi-Fi introduction – Apple Special Event excerpt (2006)

A tired looking Steve Jobs introduced the iPod HI-FI, one of the few Apple products that can be labeled as major flop. After that keynote, it was never heard of again…

00:16. Intel Mac mini introduction & demo (Front Row)
10:58. Update on iPod & iTunes
12:05. iPod leather case Read More