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iPod Touch & iTunes Wi-Fi Store introduction – Apple Special Music Event (2007)

In an iPod-focus event, Steve Jobs refreshed the full iPod line-up, unveiled the iPod classic moniker and introduced iPod touch, iPhone’s little brother. Read More


Original MacBook Air & Time Capsule introduction – Macworld SF (2008)

Steve Jobs announced the demise of the DVD by unveiling the DVD-less and world’s smallest notebook, the MacBook Air, and movie rentals on Apple TV. Read More


iPod refresh & iTunes 8 introduction – Apple Special Music Event (2008)

Steve Jobs introduced updates to the iPod nano & iPod touch line-up and unveiled iTunes 8. Read More


iPod touch (3rd gen.) introduction – Apple Special Music Event (2009)

An emotional Steve Jobs is back on stage after a year of absence to introduce new iPods & iTunes 9. Read More


Apple TV 2 & Ping introduction – Apple Special Event (2010)

In an event full of incremental updates, Steve Jobs unveiled a new iPod line-up, new Apple TV model, new iTunes, new iOS version and the infamous, and short lived Ping. Read More