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Original Macintosh introduction – Apple Shareholder Event (1984)

Steve Jobs’ most important and proudest and moment of his career occurred when he introduced the original Macintosh on January 24, 1984.

Steve took a huge gamble with the Macintosh. For years, he alienated Apple’s management, often stealing employees from other projects to bring them to the Mac team. He encouraged internal competition and ridiculed the efforts from the rest of the company.

Now it was time to prove he was right and show the world the Next Big Thing. It was Steve and his team culminating efforts of years of hard work. Read More


Steve Jobs in Apple internal video “BlueBusters” (1984)

At the opening of Apple’s Annual Sales Conference in 1984, Steve Jobs showed this quirky video spoof of Ghostbusters.

It was the year of Ghostbusters, and Steve thought it would be cool to do a parody of the song and produce a video where Apple vanquished the forces of IBM. It was clear that the metaphor of Apple as the liberator of the office worker made famous with the “1984″ commercial ran deep in the company.  Read More