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Original iMac introduction – Apple Special Event (1998)

Defining keynote where Steve Jobs introduced one of Apple’s most iconic and beloved product, the iMac. The cute transparant computer took the industry and consumers by storm and can be credited of changing an industry known for it’s boring and ugly designs. It’s also the first product of the “new” Apple era envisioned by Steve Jobs. Read More


OS X Strategy revealed – WWDC (1998)

5 days after introducing the iMac, Steve attempts to convince developers that the OS X transition won’t hurt much.

02:00. Update on Apple
07:20. Product review incl. new PowerBook G3 ad at 12:20
18:21. iMac Read More


OS 8.5 preview – Macworld NY (1998)

Steve didn’t announce anything new at MacWorld NY, rehashing most of WWDC’s content. Read More


Steve Jobs and Jonathan Ive on Design (2002)

Steve Jobs and Jonathan Ive talk about design in this short internal video which followed the launch of the Sunflower iMac. You’ll notice that Apple was pretty deep into its White Product Design Era. Read More


Unibody MacBook Pro & MacBook introduction – Apple Special Event (2008)

In this short presentation, Steve Jobs introduced the unibody MacBook Pro & MacBook and refreshed the MacBook Air.

00:00. Update on the Mac (Switchers, Retail, Markets) – Tim Cook
10:28. Notebooks design (Aluminium unibody) – Johnny Ive
17:28. MacBook new features (NVIDIA, Trackpad) Read More