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Steve Jobs and Phil Schiller funny moments

Steve Jobs and Phil Schiller were undoubtedly the #1 comedy duo in tech. When Phil came on stage you knew they’d be a demo with a few funny jiffs. I’m not sure if Phil Schiller is a joker in real life, but his acting looked pretty natural.

Steve Jobs however didn’t seem to have that same natural talent. By himself Steve could be very funny, but I found him lacking the confidence he shows when he’s alone on stage. Read More


Apple Studio Display introduction – Seybold (1998)

Steve Jobs announced the first ever Apple flat screen display and pitted the G3 PowerPC to the poor Pentium II.

02:36. TV ads
04:45: Webobjects
07:15. QuickTime
12:30. QuickTime demo with Phil Schiller – 1st time ever on stage with Steve!
22:24. Apple Studio Display introduction
26:13. Power PC G3 vs. Intel Pentium II

Location: New York
Date: March 17, 1998
Steve was 43 years old.


Original iMac introduction – Apple Special Event (1998)

Defining keynote where Steve Jobs introduced one of Apple’s most iconic and beloved product, the iMac. The cute transparant computer took the industry and consumers by storm and can be credited of changing an industry known for it’s boring and ugly designs. It’s also the first product of the “new” Apple era envisioned by Steve Jobs. Read More


OS 8.5 preview – Macworld NY (1998)

Steve didn’t announce anything new at MacWorld NY, rehashing most of WWDC’s content. Read More


Original iBook, AirPort & HALO introduction – Macworld NY (1999)

Say hello to Apple’s newest laptop, a candy-colored clamshell book with an handle and wireless networking. Read More


Xserve introduction – Apple Special Event (2002)

In this rather soporific event, Steve Jobs and Apple’s management introduced Xserve, Apple’s attempt to enter the entreprise market. The move was a rather strange since at the time, Apple was totally consumer focussed. It released iconic products like the iMac, clamshell iBook and iPod and had very little to do with the Fortune 500 companies.

The event is also the first time that Tim Cook appeared on stage for Apple. Read More


OS X Leopard preview & Mac Pro introduction – WWDC (2006)

This keynote ignited questions regarding Steve Jobs’ health whom looked tired and shared the stage with other Apple’s VPs.

00:00. Get a Mac intro video “Message from Steve Jobs”
03:37. Update on Apple (Retail, Mac,
07:10. MacPro Introduction – Phil Schiller Read More