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Power Mac G4 introduction – Seybold (1999)

The keynote started as a rehash of MacWorld NY but became suddenly interesting with the unveiling of Power Mac G4.


00:00. Update on Apple
02:13. QuickTime TV & demo
16:42. OS 9 features
22:27. OS 9 demo (Voice login, Sherlock 2, Apple Script)
32:29. Products reviews (45:29. AirPort TV ad)
46:39. PowerPC G4 introduction
56:18. Power Mac G4 introduction & demo
1:09:05. Richard Crandall demo (SETI at home)
1:17:05. Mars Pathfinder demo
1:19:10. Adobe CEO John Warnock
1:20:45. Power Mac G4 TV ad
1:23:21. ONE MORE THING… Apple Cinema Display

Date: August 3, 1999
Location: Moscone Convention Center, San Francisco
Steve was 44 years old.


G4 Cube introduction – Macworld NY (2000)

Hardware focused keynote where Steve Jobs introduced the G4 Cube, new Power Mac G4, new iMacs and more. Read More


OS X Beta & new iBooks introduction – Apple Paris Expo (2000)

In somehow a rehash of Macworld NY, Steve Jobs managed to announce updated iBooks and more of OS X. Read More


iTunes & PowerBook G4 Titanium introduction – Macworld SF (2001)

Steve Jobs starts Apple’s digital hub era with the introduction of iTunes and iDVD. Read More


Psychedelic iMacs introduction – Macworld Tokyo (2001)

In mostly a rehash of Macworld SF ’01, ‘Business Suit’ Steve did show something new, psychedelic iMacs.

00:45. OS X overview & demo
16:00. Maya demo
22:45. PowerBook G4 Titanium overview & ad Read More


OS X Puma preview – Macworld NY (2001)

A long and uneventful event where Steve Jobs showcased the new Apple Stores and new hardware.

02:50. Apple Stores videos
11:08. OS X developers (13:20 Microsoft, 18:05 Adobe, 24:45 Quark, 29:26 FileMaker, 33:15 Connectix, 37:04 IBM, 40:14 Worldbook, 43:51 Blizzard, 46:50 Aspyr, 49:54 Alias) Read More