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OS X Leopard preview & Mac Pro introduction – WWDC (2006)

This keynote ignited questions regarding Steve Jobs’ health whom looked tired and shared the stage with other Apple’s VPs.

00:00. Get a Mac intro video “Message from Steve Jobs”
03:37. Update on Apple (Retail, Mac,
07:10. MacPro Introduction – Phil Schiller Read More


App Store introduction – iPhone Software Roadmap Event (2008)

Following public demand, Steve Jobs caved in and announced the possibility to develop real App for the iPhone and introduced the App Store. Read More


Steve Jobs Q&A session following the App Store introduction (2008)

Following the iPhone Software Roadmap Event that introduced the App Store and the possibility for developers to create real Apps for the iPhone, Steve Jobs, Phil Schiller and Scott Forstall answered questions from the journalists.

Date: March 6, 2008
Location: Apple Town Hall, Cupertino
Steve was 53 years old.


iPhone 3G & MobileMe introduction – WWDC (2008)

In a totally mobile oriented keynote, Steve Jobs introduced iPhone 3G and unveiled iPhone OS 2.0 & MobileMe. Read More


Original iPad introduction – Apple Special Event (2010)

Steve Jobs introduces the revolutionary iPad and ,just like that, changes the landscape of the computer industry and consumer electronic for years to come. Read More


iOS 4 & iAds preview – Apple Special Event (2010)

With the iPhone in the hands of millions of people, Steve Jobs previews iOS 4 and Apple’s new advertising platform for iDevices: iAd. Read More


Steve Jobs Antennagate Press Conference (2010)

Steve Jobs rushed out of his family Hawaiian vacation to face journalists and tackle uprising negative opinion about iPhone’s 4 antenna debacle.

00:00. The iPhone 4 Antenna Song
02:15. Problem assessment & demo
11:40. Testing & test labs Read More