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Steve Jobs in Apple internal video “BlueBusters” (1984)

At the opening of Apple’s Annual Sales Conference in 1984, Steve Jobs showed this quirky video spoof of Ghostbusters.

It was the year of Ghostbusters, and Steve thought it would be cool to do a parody of the song and produce a video where Apple vanquished the forces of IBM. It was clear that the metaphor of Apple as the liberator of the office worker made famous with the “1984″ commercial ran deep in the company.  Read More


Steve Jobs 1st reappearance on stage – Macworld SF (1997)

Gil Amelio, Apple’s CEO, botched the whole event, effectively ruining Steve Jobs’ comeback moment. Steve was consultant at the time. Read More


Rare footage of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak together (2006)

Following the Special Event that unveiled Apple TV (then code named iTV) Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak met on the conference floor.

Date: September 12, 2006
Location: Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater, San Francisco
Steve was 51 years old.


Apple TV 2 & Ping introduction – Apple Special Event (2010)

In an event full of incremental updates, Steve Jobs unveiled a new iPod line-up, new Apple TV model, new iTunes, new iOS version and the infamous, and short lived Ping. Read More