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Xserve introduction – Apple Special Event (2002)

In this rather soporific event, Steve Jobs and Apple’s management introduced Xserve, Apple’s attempt to enter the entreprise market. The move was a rather strange since at the time, Apple was totally consumer focussed. It released iconic products like the iMac, clamshell iBook and iPod and had very little to do with the Fortune 500 companies.

The event is also the first time that Tim Cook appeared on stage for Apple. Read More


Steve Jobs Q&A session following the Aluminium iMac introduction (2007)

Following the Special Event that introduced the iMac with an aluminium enclosure, the amazing iMovie ’08 and Numbers, Steve Jobs, Phil Schiller and Tim Cook answered questions from the journalists.

Date: August 7, 2007
Location: Apple Town Hall, Cupertino
Steve was 52 years old.


Unibody MacBook Pro & MacBook introduction – Apple Special Event (2008)

In this short presentation, Steve Jobs introduced the unibody MacBook Pro & MacBook and refreshed the MacBook Air.

00:00. Update on the Mac (Switchers, Retail, Markets) – Tim Cook
10:28. Notebooks design (Aluminium unibody) – Johnny Ive
17:28. MacBook new features (NVIDIA, Trackpad) Read More


OS X Lion preview & MacBook Air refresh – Apple Special Event (2010)

Steve Jobs unveiled a plethora of new stuff such as iLife ’11, OS X Lion, the Mac App Store and one more thing… new MacBook Airs. Read More