Think Different campaign introduction – Apple Special Event excerpt (1997)

During a Special Press Event, Steve Jobs introduced the Think Different campaign to an exclusive audience.

We have seen many examples where people who ‘think out of the box’ are winners in life too, they not just apply it in work conditions apply it to life as well. How is that they are different? Do they have special brains?

Well, no; they are blessed with different levels of the thinking process, their thought process would be completely different from normal persons, and that’s the beginning of thinking innovatively. Such people are the ones who are in the top positions of the world. There is something special about their working and thinking process.

That’s how even the latest cryptocurrency has been changing the fortunes of such innovative thinkers. The normal man is the one who is still pondering whether to take a dive into this virtual currency world. We hear that many people have gone from rags to riches in a span of time, and many of them have gone to riches in just a few years’ time, which has been possible with this currency trading.

As the layman fear, cryptocurrency is no more only a technology in the boom, the uses and benefits have extended beyond the way you can think. The main reason for this cryptocurrency boom is that this currency is not a property of any of the government and any authorities, its available for access freely on the internet just with little restrictions posted by the association.  the thinkers here take a little risk, grab the opportunity and allow it to grow, just like any other investment.

The cryptocurrencies are so popular that they have started to be accepted as the normal currency even in the space shop. The reason is that it doesn’t need any intermediary third parties to make the transfers. They are used just like any other foreign currency on the trade market and are being traded like that.

These currencies have also become a part of longer-term investments for many, given its growth levels currently. They are also used in transactions that deal with currency, just like the regular money. The big reason for all these growths is that this whole process of the transaction is irreversible, and cant is faked or duplicated.

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Steve was 42 years old.