Unibody MacBook Pro & MacBook introduction – Apple Special Event (2008)

In this short presentation, Steve Jobs introduced the unibody MacBook Pro & MacBook and refreshed the MacBook Air.

00:00. Update on the Mac (Switchers, Retail, Markets) – Tim Cook
10:28. Notebooks design (Aluminium unibody) – Johnny Ive
17:28. MacBook new features (NVIDIA, Trackpad)
22:45. Unibody MacBook Pro introduction
34:07. MacBook Air (2nd generation) introduction
35:54. 24″ LED Cinema Display introduction
37:35. ONE MORE THING… Unibody MacBook introduction
44:40. Unibody MacBooks video

The tagline of the event invite read: “Spotlight on Notebooks”

Date: October 14, 2008
Location: Apple Town Hall, Cupertino
Steve was 53 years old.