Upholding The Interest Of Shareholders Is Necessary For The Survival Of Business

Upholding The Interest Of Shareholders Is Necessary For The Survival Of Business

The project was conceptualized and framed on a high-scale with great pomp show and publicity through major conferences, biotechnological events, and mass media. Recruitment advertisements featuring half a page appeared on all popular newspapers with the best position titles and remuneration that professionals like me could dream of for working in the core field. I applied, so did many of my course mates and we knew this because there were not many of us with the same educational background, exposure and career objectives, while most of our friends played the safe game of joining big multinational software companies.


The company was new, spearheaded by a well-known industrialist working in the field of alternative medicine with in-depth knowledge in the areas concerned and corporate contacts. Overall, the growth prospect of the project of setting up a big industrial production unit was looking all bright and impressive. What we did not know was that gross mismanagement of finance and business was awaiting us.


It started off with a muddy interview

It was raining cats and dogs and we traveled for almost more than two hours to a far-off place for the interview and we could not believe that the venue was a half-closed messy shop with two or three computers, a table and a few chairs and of course, the two-panel members amidst clusters of papers. For writing even a QProfit System scam, you need a well-organized working table.

When a firm plans to recruit employees, the process should be organized in a planned, arranged and dignified venue that is capable of instilling confidence and respect for the organization in the mind of the employees. There is a popular saying that we reap what we sow.

The next was the worst surprise for us. By joining the company, we had to purchase a minimum of 2% of the company’s shares, that is, almost 7 to 8 times the salary we were offered in the advertisement. We had to remain in the company for at least two years and cannot withdraw the share immediately. And to add to the woes, we will be paid only half the amount for the two years in the name of training and working protocols including uniform. The shareholders will get the interest once the company becomes public.


When you are incorporating a company irrespective of the sector, you should start it on a scale for which you can raise funds for yourself or from professional funding firms. Collecting funds compulsorily from the prospective employees and then not sticking to the promised returns with the futuristic claim of giving off the profits in a vague time-frame is not the ideal financing strategy for a well-run corporate.

The aforesaid company had an unprofessional strategy, an impractical planning, and a non-conducive employer-employee relationship and it is sad that despite trying for more than a decade, the company is nowhere to be seen in the market.